Ad Rates

Item Asking Price Ad Fee - runs until sold
$0 - 100 $10 flat rate
$101 - 1000 5% of asking price, min $10
$1001 - 5000 2.5% asking price, min $50
$5001 - 10000 1% asking price, min $50
over $10000 $125 flat rate

The Small Print

bulletThere is no set time limit on your ad, your ad will run until the item is sold, or until you advise us to remove the ad from the page.  Seller is responsible for advising us when the item is sold.
bulletAs with any classified ad, placing an ad on these pages does not guarantee that the item will sell, and no warrantee is given, express or implied.
bulletBy placing an ad through the RaiderPerformance.com classifieds, you agree to pay the fees specified based on the preliminary asking price of your item, regardless of whether your item sells as a result of the listing, and/or for the asking price your specify when first placing the ad.
bulletAll fees are due at the time the ad is placed.
bulletThere will be no charge for any changes you make to the text of your ad - asking price, description, etc.