Owners Pictures

Your photos of all your rides belong here, regardless of make, model, or when you owned them.  Email us your pictures and a little background description, and well put them up.

Photos are in (very) basic alphabetical order by first name or nickname submitted.  Quick-jump by clicking a letter below.

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Alton from Arkansas picking up his Raider S

...Alton in the Wind...

Aaron's Raven, Farmington, UT

Adan's Chrome Orange Raider - El Paso, TX

Alan's Raider - Honolulu, HI

Alan from Jacksonville, FL's Raider S

Alex's 08 Best Friend - Dallas, TX

Al from Blount's Creek, NC, and his Raider

Andrew's brand-new Liquid Silver - San Francisco, CA

Asuncion from Smithburg, MD and his 09 Liquid Silver

Anthony's Raider and GSX-R - Camp Lejeune, NC

Al's Shiny 08 - Michigan

Andy's Raider, aka "Brandy" - Farnham, VA

Adam's Liquid Silver - Maryland



Brian from Lacey, WA's Blue Raider S

Bill's Raider - Broken Arrow, OK

Waitin' for his Raider - Bill's V-Star

Bill finally got his 2011 Raider - Watervliet, New York

Billy's Raven - Upper Rogue River, Gold Hill, OR

Billy from Temple, TX, his Raider & Piper Warrior II

BJ's Raider - Thibodeaux, LA

Blake's OU Sooners bike - Quinton, OK

Blake's Liquid Silver Raider in Ogden, UT

Ben from Long Island, NY and his Raider S

Bob from NE OH on his new 08

Bob from Los Angeles, CA's Stretched and Slammed Ride

Bob's Raider - Tenino, WA

First Registered Raider in Sweeden - Bosse from Stockholm

Brad's Chromed-out Raider S - Birmingham, AL

Brent from Baytown, TX - just getting started

It just keeps getting better - Brent's progress...

Brian's hot-rod flamed Raider S - Westminster, CO

Big D from Tucson, his Raider and some eye candy

Bronson's Raven Raider - Tampa, FL

Bill's incredible blue Standard - Westminster, CO

Billy from Abilene, TX and his Raider, paying tribute.

Brian's Raider - Bristol, CT

Ben's Raider and GSX-R - Matthews, NC

Blaine's dressed-up Raider - Saskatchewan, Canada

Brian's slammed custom - Stuart's Draft, VA

Bill's Raider at the Kentucky Dam - Peducah, KY

Bob's Raider - Tenino, WA

Blake's illuminated Raider - Austin, TX

Brad's black-on-red bagger - Manitoba, Canada

Brian from Canton, OH, and a couple of choppers



Carlos' Raider - New York City

Carolyn's Blue S - Laurel, MS

In Loving Memory - Carroll's Liquid Silver Raider

Chris from Manchester, NH with his Raven

Chris' Raider S - Port Charlotte, FL

Christian's Ride - Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada

Chris V's Raider - E. Hanover, NJ

Chris from Vermont, riding the North East Kingdom

Chuck's Raven Raider - Greensburg, PA

...and Chuck's 03 Sportster

Craig from Fayetteville, NC and his 09 Raider

Curt's amazing custom gold Reaper-themed Raider - Lady Lake, FL

Charles' (aka Yoda) Raider - Mirror Lake, UT

Cody's amazing early 08 custom - Bringham City, UT

Corey's 09 Liquid Silver - Lebanon, OH

Charlie's black-on-orange creation - Maryland

Charles' handmade mods - IL

Charlie from Ft Walton Beach, FL slaying the Dragon



Damien, Don and Jody on the old highway to Bay Roberts, Canada

Dale's Raider - Lexington, KY

Dale's VTX1800 - Texas

Dan's Raider - Pueblo, CO

Dan's Liquid Silver - Fredricksburg, TX

Darren's new baby S - Magnolia, TX

Dave from South St. Paul. MN and his Raider

Dave's Raider - Marseilles, IL

Dave's nicely detailed Raider - Lake Charles, LA

Dennis' Ride - Sheldon, MO

Derrick's Raven Raider - New York City

Devon's Tommy Blue - Madison, IN

Doug from Indianapolis, IN and his two babies

Doug's Raven - Menan, ID

Doug's Raider with his custom made intake

Doug's beautifully stock Raven Raider - Withee, ID

Dennis' Candy Red Raider S - Rolla, MO

Dennis' (aka Redbusa) Raider

Doug's daily driver and his other toy - Atwater, CA

Dawn K's Custom Raider - Orlando, FL

Don and Pam on their Raider - NH

Dale's Raider - Brighton, IL

Dustin's Lounge Chair - somewhere, NM

Dwayne from Rock Valley, IA's Raider

Dwayne's Raider with the new Paint

DeWayne's new Raider - Fitzgerald, GA

Dewayne's upgrades

Darren's new ride - Waseca, MN

Dennis's Raider - Ohio

Daniel's SCR - Dozier, AL

Dustin's Raider - New Carlisle, OH

Dave and his toys - Kennewick, WA

Donny's '08 Raider S - Chesterfield, VA



Ed from Ellwood, PA at the Olympic Ski Jump

Elliot's Raider - Montreal, Canada

Eric's new Raider - Sycamore, IL

Eugene from Marietta, GA on his Raider

Eian from Hays, KS - getting creative

Ed's Raider - Boulder Colorado



Frank's amazing flammed Raider bagger - Douglas, AZ

Freddy's award-winning Raider - Rockland County, NJ



Gary from West Monroe, LA's Rebel Raider

Gary's (aka Rummy) "Bad Ass" - New Paris, PA

GC's Raven Raider - Plano, TX

Geo's blacked-out Raven - Hudson, FL

George's Raider - Erlanger, KY

GoodOleBikerBoy's Raider - Sacramento, CA

Gary's Blue S - Walton, KY

Gordon's Bad Blue - Houston, TX

Greg's Bagger - British Columbia, Canada

Ghis's Raider, Quebec, Canada



Helen on her Raider - Location Unknown

Henry and his Raider from Vellejo, CA



Ike's brand-new Lady - Abilene, TX



Jack from Idaho's Solo Raider, with his custom Slip-ons

Jack's blacked-out Raven - Birdsboro, PA

Jame's updated original Raider - Tulsa, OK

Jason's Raider - Grundy, VA

Jay's Raider S - Springerville, AZ

Jay and his Raider - Cincinnati, OH

Jeff's Raven - Powell, TN

Jeff's updated Raider - Globe, AZ

Jeff from Biker Brackets' totally slammed Raider

Jeff and his Favorite Toy - West Tennesee

Jeff from Powell, TN's clean and slammed Raider

Jeremy from VanBuren, AR and his Raven Raider

Jerry's Raider - Lake Havasu, AZ

Jim's Family - Aviston, IL

Jim's Raider - Seneca, SC

Jim from Scranton, PA's ride

Jim's Raider - Front Royal, VA

Joe from Pearland, TX with his Tommy Blue S

Elk Grove, CA's only Raven Raider - Joe R.

Joe's Raider - Olympia, WA

Joe getting ready for Football Season

John's Raider - Panama City Beach, FL

John from Abingdon, MD's Custom Topaz Blue Raider

...and the complimentary BMW...

Johnny D's Raider - Los Angeles, CA

Johnny Rockstar's 09 Raven S - White Plains, NY

Johnny from Los Angeles and his daughter on his Raider

John from Exeter, PA and his Raider

John T's '09 Raider - Burlington, CT

...and John T's '03 HD Heritage

John from Greenville, TX's Raider

John's ride w/the updated Cobra Swepts - Plymouth Meeting, PA

Jonesy and his Raider

Jose's brand-new Raider on the way back from CA

Jr's Raider - Knoxville, TN

Johnny's blacked-out Raven - Aberdeen, NJ

Jack's Raven, w/ Cobra Dragsters early on - Cheyenne, WY

...and his ZX-14 & Rocket III

Jeff from Chesapeake, VA and his Raider

John's new Badass Raider - Tampa, FL

Josh's Raider - Plainville, CT

Jim's '08 Raider - northern IN

Jim from Michigan's Raider

Jim from Michigan's Dad way back when...

Jim's Raven Raider - Clermont, FL

Jim from Rockaway, NJ's Raider

Jim H from Norwood, MA's Raider

Jimmy B's Raider - Plainview, NY

Joel's slammed machine - PA

Jimmy's Tommy Blue - Louisville, KY

John C's Raider - Memphis, TN

Jason and his SCL - Ruidoso, NM

Justin's Twin-Turbo - Ft. Wayne, IN

Jim L's custom painted ride - Chelmsford, MA

Jarek's Baby Beast - Norwalk, CT

Joey's Raider - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Jeff's 2009, Connecticut



Keith from USROAR and his Raider - Celeste, TX

Keith's been making from changes...

Ken from St. Joseph, IL and his machine

First Raider on the Cabot Trail - Kevin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kevin from Mandan, ND and his brand-new Raider

Kim's super-clean Raider Bagger - Harriman, NY

Kurt's new baby - Portland, OR

Kevin's brand new '10 - Westford, MA

Kent's Custom Raven - Rockwall, TX

Some of Kent's revisions

Kevin's SCL - Queens, NY

Kenny's SCL - Bridgeport, TX

Keith's Raider - Tewksbury, MA



Larry from Colorado's Award-winning Poor Man's Chopper

Larry's Raider - Meridan, MS

Lee's Raider - Holland, MI

Leonard and his new Liquid Silver - Beaverton, OR

Linda's Raider - Carbondale, PA

Luke's (aka PantyRaider) bike - Baltimore, MD

Larry's beautiful custom-painted Raider - Vine Grove, KY

Lenny's beautiful Raider - New York City



Mack from Burleson, TX and his brand-new ride

Marcin's custom air-brushed Raider - Steven's Point, WI

Mario's Raider - Long Island, NY

Mark from New Orleans, LA and his Raider S

Mats's Raider - 1 of only 2 in Sweden

Mike and Michelle's 08 Raider - Dothan, AL

Micky's Raider - Champlin, MN

Mike's Raider - Katy, TX

Motodad's Raider - near Independence, TX

Mike's Pirate Raider - Soldotna, AK

Mike from Newburgh ME's Ride, on Bar Harbor

Mike from Medford Lakes, NJ's Raider

Mike's custom-painted and modded Raven - San Diego, CA

Mike and Teri from Peducah, KY

Mike and Christina from Bridgeport, TX on the road

Mitchell's military tribute Raider - Mt Home, ID

Mike from SC's Raider above the clounds on Mt. Washington

Mike from Arkansas and his Raider

Martin's Raider - Leer, Germany

Mike's 08 Raider - Oswego, NY

Mike's low-rider

Michael's music - Kerrville, TX



Nick from Phoenix, AZ - 08 Raider in Candy Red

Nick from Berkley, MA - 09 Liquid Silver

Nick from Moscow, Russia - 08 Tommy Blue

Neil's Liquid Silver - Wilson, NC





The Crew from Performance Edge and their Big Dog

Pat's 2008 Raider S - Woodbury, MN

Paul's brand-new 09 - Kent, VA

Pete from Charlotte, NC and his ride

Pete from Queens, NY on his Raider S

Phil's 2-up Touring Raider - Huntersville, NC

Phil K from Cumming, GA, taking delivery

Paul from Caledonia, MI and his two choppers

Paul's Raven with the new Chin Spoiler - Webster, NY

Perry from Colorado on the Needles Hwy in Sturgis

Paul's Raider - Mahomet, IL

Phil's favorites- Tara and his Raider on Skyline Drive, VA

Peg from Boise, ID, finally got her dream ride...

Paul from El Paso, Tx, on the Ruidoso Bike Run

Paolo's Raider - Treviso, Italy





Ramsey's Raider - New Orleans, LA

Getting better every paycheck - Randy, Ft. Worth, TX

Ray's (aka Gostr8r) Raider Bagger

Ray's Custom Road Star - Columbus, GA

Rich's bike - Livermore, CA

Reggie's nicely executed Raider - Missouri City, TX

Richard from Tucson, AZ on his daily rider

Richard's Raider - Beaufort, NC

Rick's Raider - Port Orford, OR

Rick and his Custom Raider

Rick from Clarkston, WA and his Candy Red Raider S

Rick from Houston, TX's custom flamed ride

Rick's Rides - 89 HD FLHS and 08 Raider

Rob's Raider (and RX-8) - Little Rock, AR

Robbie's Raider - Dayton, TX

Robb's First-place Raider - Virginia Beach, VA

Rob's Tommy Blue - Geneseo, IL

Rob's Raider S - Norman, OK

Roger's Raider on the Links - Firestone, CO

RedNekRog's Raider - Streamwood, IL

Roger and his Raider at the Rusty Anchor

Roger's Raven - Cypress, TX

Ronnie's Ride - Dunnellon, FL

Ronnie from Moss Point, MS and his ride

Ron from Omaha, NE's Red Raider

...and Custom Painted '03 V-Star 1100

Roy from Clark, TX and his Raider

Ruedi's chromed-out Raider - S. Denver, CO

Russ from Tucson, AZ's Bad Influence

Ryan's Candy Red Raider S - Kuna, ID

Ray's 09 - Los Angeles, CA

Ron's Raider - Lancaster, OH

Rich's 08 hot-rod Raider - Billerica, Mass

Roger's Raider - O'Fallon, MO



Sal from Fresno, CA and his Raven Raider

Let's Ride in Clearwater, FL - Sammy's Raider

Scott's Raider with all his mods - Shapleigh, ME

Scott (aka Lunchbox) from Lakewood, NJ and his Raider

Scott's Raven - Santa Clarita, CA

...constant improvement - Scott's bike, May '09

Scott from Green River, WY's Ride

Scrat's Raven Raider - Texas

Shep from Gold Beach, OR, at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse

SoCal Raiders at the Rock Store

Stacey's Red S - Kalispell, MT

Steve's Raider - Hoover, AL

Steve from Gainesville, FL, by the St John's River

Steve and Ginger's favorite toy - Colwich, KS

Steve's Custom Raider (it was Candy Red) - S. Plainfield, NJ

Steve from Avenel, NJ and his Raider at Stokes State Park

Steve's Raider - The Colony, TX

Steve's Raider S - Baltimore, MD

Shane from Columbus, GA on his Raven

Shawn from Salem, OR and his custom-painted Raider

Shawn - back in black for 2013

Shawn and his special passenger - Holloman AFB, New Mexico

Shane's light bagger - Boise, ID



Terry's Raider - Indianapolis, IN

Thom's Liquid Silver - Charlotte, NC

Thor from Santa Maria, CA and his Raider along Hwy 1

Thunder's Raider - Hardin, TX

Tim from Anchorage, AK's brand new S

Tim's Raider - Kauai, HI

Tim's Liquid Silver Beast - Oklahoma City

Tom's Raider - Orlando, FL

Tommy from Seaford, DE's ride

Tommy from Newalla, OK's Raider on the White River, Eureka Springs, AR

Tom from Orland Park, IL on his Raider

Tom's Candy Red - Houston, TX

Tom's Raven Ride - Salt Lake City, UT

Tony's Raider - Cincinnati, OH

Tony from Orange County's slammed Raven

Tony's Tommy Blue S - Milwaukee, WI

Tracy from Rockford, IL and her bike

TR's Raider on the Road - Elko, NV

Tweety from High Torque Racing - Laredo, TX

Todd's HP collection - Tampa, FL

Tony's Project Blackout - Strasburg, VA





Viking's (aka Rich from Ft, Lauderdale, FL) two loves

Vince's new baby - Winchester, VA

Vlad from Lenexa, KS and his Tommy Blue S



Walt's Raider (vhondo1) - Baltimore, MD

Warren's Raider on its inaugural ride - California

Wes's Raven Raider - Alberta, Canada

Wojo's flammed-out Tommy Blue - Phoenix, AZ







Raider Trike, somewhere in Kansas, captured by forum member Zorro


Raider Performance

Yours Truly & the new RaiderPerformance Bike - Feb, 2008

...as featured on LA Choppers - May, 2010

2 1/2 years of RaiderPerformance - Sept, 2010

The Pre-Raider - our Hot-Rod '03 Mean Streak

We love V-Twins - the '01 SV650

The little torque-monster - our '93 Intruder 800