Vance & Hines/JPD Exhaust Petition

Photos courtesy of Forum Members Ruedi S. and Kevin C.

The beautiful custom Raider above was designed and built for Star Motorcycles by Star specialist Jeff Palhegyi of Jeff Palhegyi Designs (JPD).  Featured in Yamaha/Star Motorcycle's print and video advertisements, the bike features a one-off set of custom pipes built from Vance & Hines components.

There has been a significant amount of interest amongst Raider owners in these pipes.  While Vance & Hines has introduced their Big Radius 2-into-1 pipe for the Raider, they have not yet expressed intent to manufacture the JPD-designed system.

The Petition below is meant to express our sincere interest that Vance & Hines bring this product to market, and our belief that it could very well become the premier 2-into-2 swept system for the Raider.

All Are Invited - You do not have to be a member of our, or any, forum to sign.  This effort is on behalf of the entire Raider motorcycle community.

If you wish to add your name to the list, please email us here Being an electronic petition, we need your street and email addresses to be recorded in lieu of a signature, however, in order to protect your privacy, they will remain hidden - we will not publish them on-line.

UPDATE, 8/8/08 - According to more than one contact at Vance & Hines, development of this system is halted, and will not be pursued at this point.  Based on the response to our petition, we believe there is much potential in the design, and we will continue to work on finding a manufacturer willing to bring it to market.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who who participated in our efforts.

Petition to Vance & Hines re: JPD Design 2-into-2 Swept Exhaust System for Raider Motorcycle

We, the undersigned, are members of the premier community in the USA of owners and riders of the Raider from Star Motorcycles .  We wish to express our sincere, significant interest that Vance & Hines, Inc, proceed with further development and manufacture of the Jeff Palhegyi-designed 2-into-2 swept exhaust system.  It is our belief that the design of this pipe, combined with Vance & Hines' industry-renowned expertise in the manufacture of performance motorcycle exhaust systems, will make this a highly-coveted and successful system, which will sell extremely well to the Raider Community.

Name State Comment Date
Ruedi S CO These will be the "PIPES TO HAVE" 4/28/08
Luke A NJ   4/28/08
Rick B WA   4/28/08
Tod C TX   4/28/08
Daniel N TN   4/28/08
Shane B GA   4/28/08
Anthony D NC   4/28/08
Gary E KY   4/28/08
Kevin K IN   4/28/08
Alan M FL   4/28/08
Brian F WA   4/28/08
Tom F NY   4/28/08
Jack S IL Give me these pipes or give me DEATH! 4/28/08
Eian W KS   4/28/08
Kelly P TX   4/28/08
Kenneth N TX   4/28/08
Joe C TX   4/28/08
Larry R CA I need these pipes PLEASE 4/29/08
John S WV   4/29/08
Kevin D MI   4/29/08
Mike N CA   4/29/08
Roger R TX Great Pipes for a Great Bike 4/29/08
Jimmy O NC   4/29/08
Bob A OH   4/29/08
Jake K IN   4/29/08
Steve S MA   4/29/08
Tim M ND   4/30/08
Ken C IL   4/30/08
Joe C - 2 TX   4/30/08
Richard B FL   5/1/08
Shawn S ND   5/1/08
Aaron S UT   5/1/08
Vlad B KS   5/2/08
Bronson T FL Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.  The wise choice is to makes these pipes! 5/2/08
Dennis S MO   5/2/08
David A CA   5/2/08
Julio B IL   5/3/08
Dana C AZ   5/4/08
Ken Z FL   5/5/08
Randy R NC   5/7/08
Dominador U FL   5/8/08
Brent H TX   5/9/08
David W CA   5/10/08
Jim W KS   5/12/08
Robert S NH   5/12/08
Alton O AR   5/12/08
Brandon L OR …in my opinion this exhaust is the only exhaust that looks perfect on a Raider.  Please to those @ V&H, make it and it will sell. 5/12/08
David U MN   5/13/08
Jack P WY   5/13/08
Butch C VA   5/14/08
Scott T FL Sweet pipes for a Sweet bike 5/14/08
James B OK   5/14/08
Richard N IN There IS no other pipe for the Raider! 5/14/08
Joe S PA   5/15/08
Gerald M WA   5/15/08
Scot W IL   5/15/08
Reuben F FL   5/15/08
Blake D SC   5/17/08
Tony W TN   5/19/08
Steven H OK   5/19/08
Jamie S PA   5/20/08
Mike B OK   5/20/08
Josh R CO   5/20/08
Aeon L CA   5/21/08
Marc H MD   5/21/08
Digby O S.Africa   5/23/08
Jeff W CO These are the absolute best looking pipes for the Raider and we need them in order to live on. The Raider will outsell the Rocker by leaps and bounds so you have mind-numbing sales opportunity with the pipes. 5/24/08
Brian S IN I will wait for these pipes. 5/25/08
Bradley T GA I have talked to several Raider owner’s and all are hoping and waiting to see if Vance & Hines will manufacture this exhaust system 5/26/08
Gary C MS   5/26/08
Jayson L PA ...would absolutely LOVE to have these pipes ! 5/26/08
Mark M LA   5/27/08
Mark W FL   5/27/08
Bret H IL   5/27/08
Chris V NJ These Pipes would rock!! 5/27/08
Phil K GA   5/27/08
Larry J MO   5/28/08
Chris B LA   5/28/08
JC FL These are the best looking pipes for the Raider! 5/29/08
John C NS, Can A great addition to my bike 5/29/08
Rich H FL Add me to the list for the pipes... I want them!!! 5/29/08
Rob L PA   5/29/08
Ryan B TX   5/29/08
Hugh M NC   5/31/08
Gary C UT   6/5/08
Jaime P FL   6/12/08
Chris D CT I would definitely buy a set of these pipes for my Raider!!  6/14/08
Al Al, Ca   6/19/08
Paul S NJ in Black, PLEASE 6/20/08
Andy W FL I Want these pipes for my RAIDER!!!!! 6/20/08
Greg L MD
These pipes will give the bike an American custom
look - MUST HAVE
Damien NL, Can   6/23/08
John A TX These pipes complement the lines of the Raider and I am sure will sound awsome ! 6/25/08
Kelly W UT   6/26/08
Harvey W IN   6/26/08
Michael M WV I Love those Pipes...Must Have 6/30/08
Ben TN I've gotta have these pipes NOW!!! 7/1/08
Pete P CA   7/1/08
T Calvert BC, Can
the pipes are a must have
and if they are not made by V&H it will be the ultimate sin
Ray M TN
These would ice our cakes. PLEASE manufacture this exhaust
John D CA Those pipes rock. Please make me a set!!!! 7/7/08
Todd R IL I'll hold out till V&H makes these 7/8/08
Andrew P KS
As a Raider owner V&H absolutely MUST produce this exhaust system...
Gary D TX
Jerry OK   7/14/08
Steve T     7/14/08
Matt L OH   7/15/08
Chris K FL   7/15/08
Arthur D VA   7/17/08
John W NY Obviously these pipes are meant to be on the Raider! 7/18/08
Richard A FL the only custom pipes I would purchase for my Raider 7/22/08
Tom J GA That's what I'm talking about! 7/23/08
Wesley V Al These Pipes Are Sweet!! 7/24/08
Paul C MI   7/28/08
Jeff K VA
pipes look awesome
Larry B CO The look is HOT! 7/29/08
Jim S SC I would love to have a set on my 08 Raider S 7/29/08
Roger N HI   8/4/08
Alan H OR AWESOME PIPES.... I WANT a set NOW!!!! 8/6/08
Rick L OR   8/6/08
Thomas R OR   8/6/08
Stacey R OR   8/6/08
Robert L TX I am looking to buy just these pipes 12/14/08