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The Aftermarket - Reviews, Info and Catalog

Don't forget the OEM in this case.  Yamaha/Star has a catalog of accessories that provide the same quality, fit and finish as the original bike, and of course are guaranteed to fit.  Consider them in your search for aftermarket parts, but be prepared to deal with OEM prices and back-orders on in-demand pieces.  Many parts in the OEM catalog can actually be found at better prices from the parts manufacturer or one of our vendor partners below. 

We're not just going to post a bunch of links here, telling you a thousand places where you can buy a foot peg.  Instead, we'll do the research, and let you know who has the best Raider Specific items, and give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision.  Our goal is to keep you completely informed you of the very latest and best in Raider performance and styling parts and accessories.

NOTE:  Look for this icon - - after the name of a product.  It means that we've installed, use and have personal, real-world experience with a particular part on our Raider or another bike.

Most of the parts show here are available in versions for any of your other Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki bikes as well. 

UPDATE: with our latest partnerships, many of the items that we discuss can now be purchased directly by following the button or highlighted link provided with the review. 

Raider Performance factory-direct parts, such as our Low & Mean fenders & chin spoilers and Freedom Performance exhaust systems, are available in our Marketplace and are so noted below.

New Feature - Check out our Riding Gear Reviews

Be sure to read our Notes on Performance below at the beginning of the Exhaust section

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All parts and accessories are warranted by their respective manufacturers.


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To better organize the number of choices and amount of information and content on exhaust systems, we've set up a page dedicated to pipes for the Yamaha Raider.

CLICK HERE to visit the new Exhaust Systems page


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Stealth Big Air Kit - Roadliner Stratoliner and Raider

Stealth Big Air Kit - Yamaha Raider

LA Choppers/Barons - due to the unique design of the Raider's air box, its location under the tank, and the use of down-draft throttle bodies, modifying the intake on the Raider required the use of an under-tank, "stealth" type intake kit.  LA Choppers Stealth Big Air Kit for the Raider removes the stock air box and panel filter entirely, and replaces the assembly with two K&N pod-type filters connected directly to the throttle bodies.

Patrick Racing has a well deserved reputation for extracting the most power out of big-displacement Yamaha V-Twins.  Their Road Star Warrior has dominated the AMA/ProStar Drag Racing in the Hot Rod Cruiser Class for years, and they have taken that experience and applied it to their industry-renowned Big Air Kits (BAK).  Installation of the BAK completely removes the stock airbox from under the Raider's tank, and replaces it with two high-flow K&N pod-type filters, connected to the stock throttle body with two velocity stacks.  Check out the BAK as well as Patrick's other high-performance Raider modifications here.

Thunder Manufacturing - These guys are well known for their high-flow Tornado, Hurricane and Teardrop air kits for American and Metric motorcycles.  Their products are designed and engineered on the dyno to assure that their intake systems meet the highest level of functional performance.  Thunder Manufacturing's High Flow Intake Kit for the Roadliner, Part # 70101, has been tested and installed, and works in the Raider as well.  Similar to Patrick's BAK, Thunder's kit completely removes the restrictive stock airbox assembly, and replaces it with the K&N pods.

High Flow Replacement Air Filter for Roadliner Stratoliner Raider

K&N - High Flow Replacement Air Filter for Raider

For those owners who wish to get more intake air flow without removing the stock airbox and installing a whole new intake kit, there is a direct replacement for the stock panel-type air filter.  Known industry wide for their high-flow filters, K&N's High Flow Replacement Air Filter for the Raider is a direct drop-in replacement for the Raider's stock filter.


Air Filter - Roadliner Stratoliner Midnight Star 1900 Raider

Bike Master - High Flow Air Filter for Raider

For about $15 less then the K&N Panel, Bike Masters Air Filter for the Raider offers similar performance.  A direct drop-in replacement, the filter offers increased air flow over the OEM filter and is completely washable and reusable.  With proper care, it will last for as long as you own your Raider.

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  Fuel Management

Over the past few years, in the never-ending quest for more performance, the Raider community at large has been experimenting with numerous different combinations of accessories.  The style and sound of custom exhaust not withstanding, the number one modification that leads to real-world performance gains is the installation of a Fuel Injection Controller Module.  The reasons for this are several, but it boils down to just a couple of points.  All modern motorcycles comes from the factory deliberately tuned on the lean side to meet emissions and fuel mileage requirements, at the expense of performance.  Installation of an FI Controller corrects this condition.  Also, with the installation of an aftermarket exhaust, the air/fuel requirements of the engine change, and while the stock ECU of the Raider can adjust in many cases, an FI controller is often required to improve throttle response and correct minor problems such as popping on deceleration.  One final note is that the stock air-box and filter in the Raider already flow more air than the engine needs, so in our opinion, the installation of a Fuel Injection Controller should take precedence over the purchase of a hi-flow big air intake.  NOTE: the small print says that FI Controllers are not for use in the state of California and are for off-road use only.

In 2011, Cobra introduced the next level in fuel injection management.  The Fi2000R PowerPro Tuner for the Yamaha Raider not only does away with maps, it eliminates the need for external adjustments of any kind.  With new patented technology on-board, the PowerPro Tuner analyzes riding conditions, throttle position, and environmental factors 80 times per second and adjusts the Air/Fuel ratio accordingly for maximum performance, taking into account whatever intake, exhaust and engine modifications you have on your Raider.

Cobra Fi2000R PowrPro Black Tuner- Yamaha XV1900 Raider 08- 14 - 1777B

The Cobra Fi2000R PowerPro is the fuel injection module that we run on our Raider, and we are extremely satisfied with its performance.  Throttle response is improved over stock, and the power increase is very noticeable in across the power band.  With aftermarket pipes, it completely eliminates backfiring, and smoothes out the power delivery.  All of this without a single dyno run or downloading a single map.

Dobeck Performance/Techlusion - One of the most famous names in motorcycle performance that you've never heard of - Mark Dobeck.  Google his name and you can review his illustrious resume - Founder of DynoJet and inventor of the DynoJet Dynamometer, Jet Kit and Power Commander.  No longer associated with DynoJet, his latest effort is the Techlusion TFI Plug-and-Play Controller Check out their site and read the FAQ's to see exactly how and why this system works.  Quickly stated, you adjust your fuel mixture using three small screws on the unit, no computer needed, no maps to download, no software required.  Their customer service is excellent, call their tech support line, tell them what intake and exhaust you have, and they'll tell you the best settings to use over the phone.  NOTE that Kuryakyn is licensed to sell Techlusion TFI as their Wild Things FI Controller, and the items are identical.


Kuryakyn Wild Things Fuel Injection Controller - Not for use in California- All Fuel Injected V-Twin Metric Cruisers - 9218

by Dobeck Performance.  Wild Things Fuel Injection Controllers offer plug and play installation. There is no need to compromise the integrity of the stock wire harness.

The TFI Model # FI-2052ST is plug and play - directly into the wiring harness of the Raider.  Unplug the unit, and everything returns back to its stock setting.  We used the TFI on our last bike - installation was simple, tuning for our modifications was easy to say the least, and the results were immediate and noticeable.  NOTE: Installation requires disconnection of the stock O2 sensor, but performance is not compromised.  If you want to keep your O2 sensor, consider the Cobra FI2000 Closed Loop controller (below), which operates in a similar manner to the TFI. 

FuelPak - Fully aware that bike performance is not based on pipes alone, the exhaust maestros at Vance and Hines have developed their own Fuel Injection Module called the Fuelpak for the Yamaha Raider.  Like the Techlusion unit, this module is programmed without the use of a computer, software or map downloads.  Instead of screws, the FuelPak is programmed through the use of a couple of buttons which adjust each of the settings.  The interactive FuelPak website provides the settings, called modes, based on your bike model, which pipe you have installed, and what air filter/intake you are running.  The FuelPak is a plug-and-play unit, connecting directly to your bike's ECU through the factory connectors.  The part number for the Raider is 65007.
bulletNOTE: If you are considering the FuelPak, check their website first to see if your particular setup is listed.  If not, it means that settings have not yet been developed and programming the unit could be difficult.

Fuelpak - Yamaha Raider 07 and newer - Not for use in California

Fuelpak - Yamaha Raider 08 and newer

Cobra - Based on the Dobeck TFI unit, the Cobra Fi2000R Closed Loop fuel injection control module has proven to be extremely popular with the Raider community.  Eliminating the needs for maps and downloads, the FI2000R is tuned simply by turning a few screws, providing for infinite control over any Raider setup.  We recommend the use of the 02 version, which allows the use of any exhaust system (stock or aftermarket) with the 02 sensor in place. 

Fi2000R Closed Loop - Raider - Not for use in California

Fi2000R O2 - Yamaha Raider

Raiders without the 02 sensor in place should use the Standard Fi2000R.

DynoJet Research- with no introduction really necessary, DynoJet brings us the Power Commander.  Now in it's fifth generation, the PowerCommander PC-V, the original Power Commander was the first Fuel Injection Calibration Module to be introduced to the public, and still the name most recognized.  Different from the other FI Modules mentioned above, the PC is programmed using "maps" - small computer programs developed around the the specific motorcycle, intake, exhaust and other factors.  Available from Dynojet, these maps are then downloaded from your computer to the Power Commander, which is then connected to your bike.  If adjustments are required, the PC is easily removed from the bike, brought to your computer for adjustment and then re-installed.  Fine tuning can also be performed using the buttons on the unit itself, with still connected to the bike.  Keeping in mind that DynoJet developed the Dynamometer, most bike shops that have a Dyno are equipped to program the PCV as well, and can deliver custom maps designed to optimize your individual ride's performance.  With every version, the Power Commander gets easier to use, with the PCV continuing the trend with a USB plug for simple connection to your home desktop or laptop computer.

PowerCommander PCV - Raider 09 and newer - Not for use in California

PowerCommander PCV - Yamaha Raider



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    Clutch and Transmission

Barnett Clutches - The Raider being the well-designed performance machine that it is, there are very few shortcomings in the engineering department on the stock bike.  One such deficit that we've noticed is the stock diaphragm-spring clutch.  As Raider owners the world over, and of course we here at Raider Performance, already know, it's very easy to add power and torque to the Raider's already willing power-train.  Once the horsepower and torque numbers start to climb, the stock clutch can start to slip, and be easily overpowered, especially with repeated hard launches.  Fortunately, the friction masters at Barnett have developed an inexpensive upgrade kit that swaps out the diaphragm spring clutch for a coil spring and pressure plate setup, adding a significant amount of clutch performance to your Raider's upgraded drive-train.

Coil Spring Conversion Kit. Barnett Part Number 511-90-10007Fits the 2008-2012 Raider, as well as the 2006-12 XV19 Roadliner/Stratoliner. Converts stock diaphragm spring to six heavy duty coil springs. Includes billet aluminum pressure plate, springs, and screws.




Yamaha Clutch Plate Kit - Kevlar.  Also available from Barnett is Part Number 306-90-10075.  Not only for the conversion, this kit contains all the friction materials required to replace your worn-out clutch disks from your stock clutch.




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To better organize the number of products and amount of content on saddles, we've set up a dedicated page to seats for the the Yamaha Raider.

CLICK HERE to visit the new Seats and Saddles page


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Unique, superior, custom accessories for the Raider

E-Bay Store





Performance Edge - Longtime experts in the accessory aftermarket for the Yamaha Warrior, Performance Edge has developed an integrated Tail Light/Turn Signal Assembly for the Raider.  Their kit gets rid of plastic fender/license plate bracket and turn signal stalks that hide that gorgeous fat tire, and integrates the turn signals into the actual brake light.  What sets Performance Edge apart is that they use the stock OEM tail light assembly, which assures quality, brightness and a watertight seal.  Resistors/load equalizers included in their fabrication assure that the stock blink rate is maintained as well.  Their customer service is excellent, and they encourage you to call if you have any questions.  You can purchase any of their parts by contacting them directly or through their E-bay store.

Kuryakyn - provides an extensive array of aftermarket lighting solutions for custom applications.
bulletTheir Silver Bullet series of turn signal lights can be mounted in several different locations front and rear.  Available in both LED and halogen in large and small sizes.
bulletKuryakyn provides a hollow bolt fender mount kit which allows their Silver Bullet lights to be installed in place of the stock fender strut bolt.  The wiring for the light runs through the center of the bolt, providing a totally clean appearance, with no external wires

Raw Design - The LED mavens at Raw Design have introduced a super-clean solution to all you Raider owners that hate the stock "lollipop" turn signals in both the front and back of the bike.  Their Stealth turn signals are comprised of super-bright LED's mounted to billet aluminum brackets, engineered to fit correctly right below the stock taillight assembly in the back and underneath the lower triple-clamp in the front of the bike.  The lights in the front function as both running lights and turn signals, as in the stock configuration.  Extremely low profile, both the front (shown here) and rear (here) are nearly invisible until activated, presenting a super-clean appearance.


Exhaust Intake Fuel Mgt Seats Lighting Handlebars Grips & Pegs Windshields
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LA Choppers - First to market with handlebars designed specifically for the Raider, LA Choppers has released a pair of bars that make a big impact on how your Raider looks and feels.  LAC's Super Radius T-bars are a drag-style bar with integral risers, featuring a massive 1.25" diameter profile that compliments the intimidation factor that the Raider presents.  These handlebars are available in two pullbacks - 6.5 inches and 9 inches - the latter being an inch or so more than stock, offering less of a stretch to the bars, and a more comfortable riding position.  The 6.5" bar is also available in Black.  Both sizes are pre-drilled for internal wiring and your stock controls.  The 6.5" pullback bars can be installed using your stock lines and cables.  For the 9" pullbacks, the stock cables can be used if you're willing to relocate them; if you want your lines to follow their stock locations, we recommend going 2" over with your throttle cables, clutch and brake lines.  Check them out on LA Choppers website here (6.5") and here (9").

Radius T-Bar with 9 inch Pullback - Yamaha Raider

Radius T-Bar with 9 inch Pullback - Yamaha Raider


Radius T-Bar with 6.5 inch Pullback - Yamaha Raider

Radius T-Bar with 6.5 inch Pullback - Yamaha Raider

Black Radius T-Bar with 6.5 inch Pullback - Yamaha Raider

Black Radius T-Bar with 6.5 inch Pullback

LA Choppers/Barons - Braided Stainless Cable and Line Kits for the Raider.  Everything you need to to upgrade your clutch, brake and throttle lines to braided stainless included chrome plated fittings.  If you're going to be installing different handlebars such as the T-Bars above, the kits are available in different lengths, anywhere from stock to 20" over.

Cable Line Kit PLUS 2 INCH - Yamaha Raider 08 - newer

Stainless Cable & Line Kit PLUS 2 INCH - Raider

This is the 2" over stock length kit we used when installing the LA Choppers T-Bars with the 9" Pullback.  This allowed us to route all the cables through their stock locations for a clean installation.


bullet Cable Line Kit - STOCK LENGTH - Yamaha Raider
bullet Cable Line Kit - 10-14 Inch Bars - Yamaha Raider


Exhaust Intake Fuel Mgt Seats Lighting Handlebars Grips & Pegs Windshields
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  Grips, Pegs and Controls

A quick note on grips - The Raider, like the Stratoliner and Roadliner, comes from the factory equipped with handlebar-end weights.  These will have to be removed in order to allow installation of many aftermarket grips, many of which have closed ends.  While the weights are allegedly there to quell vibration, the Raider's counterbalanced motor is virtually vibration-free, and installation of aftermarket handgrips should lead to miles of smooth, comfortable riding (plus they look really cool).

Avon Grips - While not yet a household name, Avon Grips manufacture some of the highest quality grips in the industry.  Their unique construction combines billet aluminum and Kraton rubber in their Air Cushion grips which provide some serious style along with exceptional comfort.  Their Metric Line includes interchangeable cams which guarantee fitment to your Raider, and are available in both chrome and anodized black.

MT Air Cushioned Grips Black - Metric Cruisers with 1 inch Bars

MT Air Cushioned Grips - Black Anodized

Manufactured in the USA with a special core bar that creates air pockets inside the grip body. These air pockets dampen vibrations help eliminate the tingle in your hands and soften the overall feel of the ride.  The grips are finished off with only the best: 6061 billet aluminum end caps and collars.

OPTION: Same as above, but finished in Chrome

Kuryakyn - certainly a company which requires no introduction to the custom bike world, Kuryakyn is a motorcycle accessory staple.
bulletEven if you don't know the name, everyone is familiar with their ISO-line - grips and footpegs with the thick black rubber pads which add a stylistic impact and serious comfort.  The grips can be further accessorized with different color trip rings and grip ends (spikes, crosses, etc.).

ISO-Grips - Kawasaki Vulcans Yamaha Stars Suzukis and Victory Models

ISO-Grips - Chrome

These are the Original ISO-Grips that fit many metric models including your Raider, finished in chrome.  Other options below.

Upgradeable and any time with numerous option such as throttle bosses, trim rings and spiked grip ends.



ISO-Grips BLACK - Same as the Original above, but Black anodized


ISO-Grips Replacement Accent Rings


Stiletto End Caps for ISO-Grips PAIR


ISO-Throttle Boss

bulletTheir selection of footpegs is extensive.  In addition to their classic large and small ISO-pegs, check out the Flaming, Widow, Kaiser and Zombie pegs.  All pegs can be installed on the Raider with Kuryakyn adapter # 8802 for the front and # 8809 rear.


Ribbed Floorboards For Driver or Passenger - Black

We're very impressed with these floorboards from Kuryakyn.  Substantial construction, and a superior powder-coated finish.  5 different mounting points combined with the splined adapters allow for numerous different placement choices, assuring that you'll find a comfortable riding position that fits you.  NOTE: requires the Splined Adapters shown below.  Also available in chrome.

OPTION: Premium Ribbed Floorboards - Chrome

Splined Floorboard Adapters for Raider - 8818 

Required for mounting the Ribbed Floorboards on your Raider.  Sold in Pairs, both a folding and rigid mount in one.  For front/driver position.  For passenger, use part number 8825

Arlen Ness - We've received a lot of emails about the mirrors that we run on our Raider.  Well, these are them: the Rad III's from Arlen Ness.  The Rad III's are a larger version of the very popular Rad II's, and offer a larger viewing area without looking too big. 

Available in both black and chrome.  Sold EACH, so be sure to order both left and right, using the links below:

bullet Rad III BLACK Die-Cast Stem Mirror RIGHT
bullet Rad III BLACK Die-Cast Stem Mirror LEFT
bullet Rad III CHROME Die-Cast Stem Mirror RIGHT
bullet Rad III CHROME Die-Cast Stem Mirror LEFT

The Rad III's are have a convex surface, so they offer a wide field of vision.  We found them to vibrate even less then the stock Raider mirrors.  A word on mounting: we completely ignored those metric mirror adapters and ran the stock H-D style bolt directly though the hole in the controls which gave us a super clean, rigid installation.  Photos here.


Supreme Legends USA - In business since 1993, Supreme Legends has been been in the CNC business for 15 years, and has the quality, engineering and experience to back up their products.  Providing forward controls for Harley, metric and custom bikes for over a decade, they have now introduced their forward controls specifically for the Raider.  Their state-of-the-art controls are adjustable for both height and length (reach) - features not found on other systems, and are available in a variety of different styles and finishes.  Some are available with matching passenger pegs and/or grips.

Pacific Coast Star - Experts in the Yamaha customizing arena for almost 10 years, PCS has introduced an alternative for those Raider owners not ready to invest in a full forward control setup.  Their Raider Control Extension Kit allows you to move your stock foot pegs and all your controls forward 3" with the installation of their simple adapters.


Exhaust Intake Fuel Mgt Seats Lighting Handlebars Grips & Pegs Windshields
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Home   Windshields - Shopping for a windshield is as personal as shopping for a bike.  Your height and typical riding position must come into account.  It is very important when purchasing a shield that ideally, you do NOT want to look through the shield, but over it.  While shields are clear, they are rarely optically perfect, and will distort your view of the road.  Even worse, if you get caught in the rain, you will never see through even the best windshield.

The perfect size windshield for you will offer enough coverage to keep off a majority of the wind blast, while offering you you an unobstructed view over the top of the screen.  To avoid buffeting and maintain good vision, the top of the shield should be level with the tip of your nose with you in the saddle in the position you ride most of the time.

Memphis Shades - The second major windshield manufacturer to introduce hardware for the Raider, Memphis Shades offers a complete selection of windshields, ranging from several sizes of their Memphis Fats and Slims full-coverage touring screens to four sizes of sleek SportShields, available in several gradient colors and a light tint called Solar.  Memphis Shades windshields are mounted to the bike using a quick-change, no-tool system called Trigger-Lock, that allows the windshield to be installed and removed in a couple of seconds.  We found the Trigger-Lock system easier to use than National Cycles' SwitchBlade, and just as secure. 

Pop Top - Sportshield Windshield

Pop Top - SportShield

Looking for more protection, especially for two-up rides over longer distances, we swapped our previous windshield for the Solar (non-gradient light tint) Pop Top on our Raider, which you can see here.  Mounted to the forks, their Hardware provides a few inches of height and several degrees of rake adjustment, which allows you to customize the airflow and protection the screen provides.  The complete hardware installation as well as all adjustments are made with the allen wrench that Memphis Shades includes with the windshield.  IMPORTANT: Make sure to select the 9" headlight cutout when ordering

Shown here in the manufacturer's stock photo in Gradient Black.

Get all your top brands at!Has the complete line of Memphis Shades windshields, which, between all the colors, styles and sizes, is extensive.  The shields themselves are not bike-specific, so you can mount any of the available screens as long as the correct Hardware Mounting Kit is used.


No-tool Trigger-Lock Hardware is available for both the SportShield and Fat/Slim model families


Sportshield No Tool Trigger Lock Mounting Kit - RaiderS 08 and newer FXDWG 06 to 08

Trigger Lock Mounting Kit for Memphis Shades SportShields - Raider

Use this kit to mount any of the MS SportShield models to your Raider

FatsSlim No Tool Trigger Lock Mounting Kit - RaiderS 08 and newer FXDWG 06 to 08

Trigger Lock Mounting Kit for Memphis Shades Fats/Slims - Raider

Use this kit to mount the MS Fats or Slims shields to your Raider

National Cycle - The first company to introduce Raider-specific mounting hardware, National Cycle is actually the OEM supplier for Yamaha.  For all you riders out there who don't want to wait for the OEM accessories to arrive, NC is the place to look.  National Cycles' shields are manufactured from polycarbonate, which they claim is significantly more durable than acrylic, and coated with their proprietary Quantum® coating, which helps the fairings resists scratching.  If you've checked out the Accessories section of Star's website, these terms will be familiar.

In addition to the standard bolt-on handlebar mounted windshields, National Cycle offers their unique SwitchBlade system, which allows you to mount and remove the windshield from your bike in under 5 seconds without tools.  They offer 4 different sizes of SwitchBlade windshield, ranging from the largest 2-Up model, to the sporty, minimalist Deflector.  All 4 models use the same hardware, part number KIT-Q131 for the Raider, so you could conceivably own all four and quickly switch between them depending on the circumstances.  Additionally, all four models of National Cycle Switchblade windshields are available either clear or tinted. 


Exhaust Intake Fuel Mgt Seats Lighting Handlebars Grips & Pegs Windshields
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Home   Fairings - In the last year, several manufacturers have responded to the increasing popularity of bagger-style bikes and introduced "Batwing" style fairings for the Raider.  An interesting development to be sure, considering the original custom-chopper styling of the Raider, but like windshields, fairings are a welcome addition to any bike that's going to be ridden any great distance.  Batwing fairings offer a significant amount of wind and debris protection, provide some additional storage options and mounting points for accessories, and in some cases offer speakers, stereos and even GPS.

At this point, Fairings are constructed from either ABS Plastic or Fiberglass, a factor which often influences price.  Also look at whether the fairing is a one- or two-piece design; some are a simple "shell", similar to a windshield, while others have an inner fairing providing the interior needed for mounting speakers, stereos and the like.  Finally, some units either include or have the option of quick-release hardware, while others are designed to be a semi-permanent fixture on your Raider.

Memphis Shades - Complimenting their line of windshields, Memphis Shades' Batwing Fairing - Metrics utilizes their popular no-tool, Trigger-Lock hardware, allowing the fairing to be mounted and removed from the Raider in a matter of seconds.  Fairing number 2330-0023 fits several bikes including the Raider.  The correct Trigger-Lock hardware provides the fitment on your bike.  If you already have Memphis Shades hardware on your ride, you can order the "plate-only kit" which allows you to connect the fairing to your existing hardware.  Hardware is available in both polished and black varieties.  Check their application chart for the correct hardware part numbers.

Batwing Fairing - Harleys and Various Metrics

Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

An additional benefit is that owners of their Windshields can swap back and forth between the fairing and the shield.  Manufactured from tough ABS plastic, they come from the factory with a gloss-black exterior and textured interior.  Note that this is the Fairing only.  You should order your preferred shield (height and color) separately

Options include several different heights and colors of windshields, mounting holes for lower wind deflectors, and various pouches that attach to the interior.


Memphis Shades Tri-Pouch for Batwing Fairing

Designed specifically for use with the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing. Made of 420 denier nylon outer shell with soft Sherpa lining. Dimensions: Middle pocket: 734 inches wide End pockets: 5 inches wide. All pockets are 3 inches tall and 212 inches deep.

Hogtunes - an interesting new product if you want to add tunes to your Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing.  While Hogtunes has an excellent, long-term reputation in the Harley world, don't be fooled by the brand-name, this bolt-on Speaker System is specifically designed to fit all M/S Batwings.

Speaker System for Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

Speaker System for Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

Includes 2 - 4.25" speakers, a 50 watt amp, along with a USB charging port for your portable audio player and all required hardware and wiring.

Tsukayu - Long known for their hard saddle bags and fairings for other bikes, Tsukayu now offers fitments for the Raider.  Taking the Batwing to its maximum potential, Tsukayu's fairings come in several different option levels from basic, plain protection, to speakers and stereos, all the way to their top-of-the-line GPS fairing which includes 6x9 marine speakers and a touch-screen stereo/GPS navigation system, USB and Bluetooth.  Tsukayu fairings come with quick-release, Raider-specific hardware. Manufactured from quality fiberglass construction, they come in ready-to-paint or painted gloss-black versions.  Windshield choices are 5", 8" and 10" at no additional charge. 

Note that several Raider owners have installed the Standard Stereo version with no problems, but there are fitment issues with the GPS Navigation Fairings on the Raider.  Tsukayu's return policy is the definition of no-hassle, and their customer service is some of the best we've experienced.

Wide Open Customs - Maybe not yet a household name, Oswego, Kansas' Wide Open Customs started like so many other small businesses - with the desire to do a better job than the industry at large.  WOC Fairings are manufactured from quality ABS construction, and offer several different option levels.  Their base model comes in natural ABS color ready to prime and paint, and includes speaker holes, wiring harness and windshield in the tint and height of your choice.  Options include a full stereo and speakers, IPod connectivity, and paint.

Corbin - never ones to follow a trend, Corbin stays away from the "Batwing" moniker, preferring to call their fairing the "Fleetliner" to compliment their line of hard bags.  As with most Corbin products, quality construction can be expected, along with their own unique styling cues.  Manufactured from Corbin's Fibertech fiberglass, they come in either black gel-coat or painted to match your bike for an additional charge.  Several different windshields sizes and tints are available from Corbin. Note that unlike the other fairings reviewed here, the Fleetliner fairing is not quick-release, and is meant to be more permanently mounted to your ride.


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Chrome and Other Cool Stuff

Kuryakyn -  Kuryakyn's HyperChargers have been known to bikers for decades as a performance- and appearance-enhancing modification for V-twins cruisers across the board. As a Raider owner, you know that all the intake plumbing is hidden away under the tank, and that the plastic "air cleaner" covers on the engine actually just hide the ignition coils.  Raider owners looking for that high-performance look were left to their own devices. Kuryakyn has introduced a non-functional Pro-R Pseudo Hypercharger that installs in place of the plastic engine cover on your Raider. 


Kuryakyn Pro-R Pseudo Hypercharger - Yamaha Roadliner, Stratoliner 06 & newer and Raider 08 & newer - 9468

This one is for looks, aka "Visual Horsepower", there is no performance enhancement.  Doubles as an electrical housing for the XV1900's ignition coils.

Performance Edge - In addition to the the integrated Tail Light assembly, Performance Edge has applied their Yamaha experience to a number of accessories designed specifically for the Raider.  These are not generic "hit them hard enough and they'll fit" parts.  Each one of the accessories shown in their E-bay store has been engineered on the Raider.
bullet OK, you "S" guys, you bought your version of the Raider for a reason.  Satisfy you hunger for the Shiny Stuff by checking their chrome plating service.  They specialize in plating aluminum parts, utilizing a proprietary process which deposits 5 layers of chrome finish, and includes buffing and polishing between each layer.  This yields a beautiful "wet-look" finish.  Check out their wheels, upper belt guard, rear brake rotor cover, and front brake calipersAll are genuine OEM.
bulletPerformance Edge is the first company in the aftermarket to introduce a Side Mount License Bracket specifically for our bike.  Their bracket is laser cut from 10 ga. steel, and then black powder coated to blend in perfectly with the frame.  The bracket attaches to the stock bolts below the passenger pegs at the swingarm pivot.  In conjunction with their Tail Light assembly, the rear end of the bike is totally cleaned up.  Two versions are available: standard - the bracket itself, and deluxe, which adds an LED license plate frame.
bulletAnother first, PE has introduced their Tricky Air Ride System, which takes the place of the rear shock, providing an air-cushioned rear suspension, and the ability to adjust the ride height of your bike.


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Home   Luggage, Bags and Accessories

Tsukayu - - Hong Kong's Tsukayu are maestros when is comes to fiberglass fabrication.  They possess a well-deserved reputation for outstanding quality, fit and finish when it comes to their collection of saddlebags.  All of their bags are manufactured from their thick, rigid fiberglass, come carpet lined, and include stainless steel hinges and latches.  Their mounting bracket system offers superior quality in its own right, and is extremely adaptable, allowing their Patrol, Coner, Strong and Jumbo Strong saddlebags to be easily installed on the Raider.

Tsukayu's bags come primed and ready to paint, or painted gloss black for an addition charge.  They also offer one-color matching at further cost.

HardStreet - - A division of Cycra Racing, HardStreet manufactures the Original Equipment hard bags for the Stratoliner and other Yamaha heavy cruisers.  Their newest development is their HR Slimbags designed specifically for the Raider, and now sold through the Star Motorcycles website as an OEM accessory.  The Slimbags are manufactured from high-quality ABS plastics for durability, and provide a sleek, tucked-in design which compliments the Raider, while still offering 1400 cubic inches of secure, lockable storage per bag.  They can mount either permanently with their low-profile brackets, or with the Ghost Brackets shown below.

The Slimbags are available in Gloss Black, Matte Black or ready-to-paint primer.  They can also be purchased on the Star Motorcycles website in several of the Raider colors at a premium price.

Ghost Brackets/Edge Brackets - If you ever want to use saddlebags on the Raider, you have two choices - saddlebag supports (those metal loops that mount permanently to the fender strut, ruining the hot rod, chopper style of the bike's rear end) or Ghost Brackets.  Ghost Brackets allow you to attach and remove any rigid-backed saddlebags without the use of saddlebag supports.  With the bags off the bike, the only evidence of installation are four small chrome bolts that appear to be part of the stock fender.  We used these on our previous bike with great success - we were able to mount and remove our bags from the bike in less than a minute.  Ghost/Edge Brackets are manufactured from power-coated 10-gauge steel, providing superior strength and durability over the competitor's painted 12-gauge product.

Two versions of the Generation III bracket are available, depending on whether or not you have a backrest - see below.


Edge Quick Release Saddlebag Brackets - Yamaha Raider No Backrest

Edge Saddlebag Brackets - Raider - No Backrest

Note: This version also works if you have a removable backrest that attaches through the seat, e.g. Corbin, Drag Specialties, etc.



Edge Quick Release Saddlebag Brackets - Yamaha Raider with Hard-mount Backrest


Edge Leather - as in Edge Brackets, manufactures an extensive variety of leather hardbags meant to be mounted with their Quick-Release brackets, shown above.  Most of their bags are available in genuine leather or automotive grade Tek-Leather.  Most models are available in both plain and studded styles.

Saddlemen - know for decades for the variety of motorcycle seats, Saddlemen has demonstrated their expertise in manufacturing durable, sleek, high-quality saddlebags as well.  Their line is actually quite extensive, so what we'll focus on their Cruis'n bags.  Providing an amazing value, the Express Cruis'n models are considered "soft" throw-over type bags.  That being said, the bags are quite rigid, and consistently hold their shape mile and mile.  The throw-over yoke is removable, and they have rigid, hard plastic back which not only supports the bag, but makes them ideal for hard-mounting using the Ghost Brackets above.  When selecting a size, be sure to take into consideration your rear turn-signal set-up and the shape of whatever exhaust pipe you're running.

Express Cruisn Slant Bags - Large

Express Cruis'n Slant Bags - Large

Large - 15.5" x 9.5" x 5" (1500 cu. in. capacity per set)



Express Cruis'n Slant Bags - Jumbo - 17.5" x 10.5" x 6" (2200 cu. in. capacity per set)


Express Cruis'n Slant Bags - Extra Jumbo - 22" x 10.5" x 7" (2200 cu. in. capacity per set)


Cruis'n Pouch Saddlebags - Jumbo - Jumbo bag with an extra exterior pouch

Cobra - Even if you're never going to be using saddlebags on your bike, there might be those circumstances where you want to bungee something on the rear seat.  Bikes like the Raider have few if any places where a bungee hook can be connected without endangering that wonderful paint and chrome.  Cobra has introduced and ingenious solution called Bungee Knobs. The small, unobtrusive knobs bolt into place on the rear fender struts, replacing the stock fender bolts, and once installed, provide an ideal attachment point for bungee cords and straps, while keeping the hooks and cords away from the bikes paint.

Bungee Knobs - Raider

Bungee Knobs - Raider

Installed on our bike, with photos here.

Tourmaster/Cortech - An excellent alternative to saddlebags, especially when packing light, is the Cortech Sport Tail Bag from Tourmaster. 

Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag (Size: 24L)

Features 1680 denier ballistic polyester and 1800 denier three-lined twill Jacquard weave side pockets with a polyester backing; removable neoprene base; two-tone red and black soft interior lining; quick-release mounting system with storage pockets for mounting straps when not in use.  Comfortable rubberized carrying handle and Cortech Jacquard weave shoulder strap. Rain cover included. Dimensions: 24 Liters, 13.4L x 14.2W (18 expanded) x 7.5D

Slime - from the leaders in emergency tire care, the Moto SpAIR was engineered specifically for motorcyclists.  Not exactly luggage, but its compact size was designed to fit somewhere on your bike - tail pack, tank bag, saddlebags, etc.  It contains everything you need to repair and seal a tire puncture when you're in the middle of nowhere, and get you back on the road.  One of those vital pieces of gear that we never go anywhere without.

SLIME - Mini Smart SpAIR Compressor Kit with Slime Sealant


bulletHigh Power 12 Volt 300 PSI Air Compressor
bullet8oz Slime Tire Sealant Bottle
bulletRugged Carrying Case.  Complete kit measures 7.5H x 7.75W x 2.75D, approx 2.6 lbs.
bullet8' Main Harness Power Cord, 18" Power Connection w/Fused Alligator Clips, 14" Power Connection w/Fused Lighter Adapter, 14" Power Connection w/Fused Direct Pre-Wire
bullet18" Air Hose w/Quick Clip
bulletTire Pressure Pencil Gauge
bulletComplete Instructions

The McCuff - The coolest accessory that you will never actually attach to your bike.  Allows you to fill your gas tank without having to bend over and peer into the filler hole, clicking the nozzle handle 50 times to get that last drop in.  You slip the McCuff over the gas pump nozzle, insert the nozzle and McCuff into the filler hole on the tank, and squeeze the handle.  When the tank is full, the pump clicks (like a car), and your done, with the additional benefit that your tank is protected to dripped fuel, and you've got more gas in your tank.  Comes in its own carry case that you can attach to your belt, handlebars, etc, or throw in your gear bag.


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Raider Performance is a Low and Mean Premier Dealer, and carries the complete line of Low and Mean parts for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda.


  Fender and Body

Low and Mean - long time experts in quality fiberglass parts for motorcycles, Low and Mean has introduced a low profile chin spoiler that bolts directly to the front down tubes of the Raider.  High quality fiberglass construction, combined with a semi-gloss black gel-coat finish make this item perfect for bolting directly onto the bike, or priming and painting to match your factory colors.  An added benefit of the design is that it protect the oil filter from road debris.  Available directly from us at, you can find more details and photos here.

Low and Mean has also introduced four new front fenders for the Raider.  Constructed using the same high-strength fiberglass construction as the Chin Spoiler, and matching its menacing lines, the Reaper and Reaper Long front fenders wrap tightly around the back of the front tire.  The Standard Reaper, shown below installed on our bike, gives full coverage around the back of the tire while leaving most of the top bare.  The Long offers two additional inches of coverage over the top and front of the tire.  The Full-wrap combines the coverage of the Long version with extra coverage around the back of the tire.  Finally, the Shorty takes everything in the opposite direction, offering minimal coverage and drag-bike styling. All versions are available in our Marketplace.

Forum Member bhodge (aka Brent from Tejas Motorsports) has designed a custom mounting bracket for the installation of any number of aftermarket fenders onto the Raider.  His bike, pictured in our Owners Gallery, also on display here, is shown with an RC Components Phantom wrap-around fender designed for a HD Wide Glide.  You can purchase the same setup as shown in the photos, including the fender and brackets, available either unpainted for $299.99 or painted for $699.99, directly from Brent.  Shipping is significantly easier if the setup is purchased unpainted.

The brackets will basically work with any fender designed for the Raider's tire and wheel combination, a 120/70-21.  If you purchase a fender elsewhere, you can still buy the brackets separately.  The bracket design can be altered slightly depending on the fender used.  The following specifications should be noted:
bulletWidth of new fender between mounting points
bulletHeight from crown of fender to bottom of mounting points
bulletFender should not be pre-drilled.  This will allow fine-tuning of the fender-wheel gap.

Brackets are available painted either Gloss Black or Flat Black, or chromed for an extra charge. 


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Home   Suspension and Lowering Kits

Barons Accessories/LA Choppers - the original solution for lowering the back of the Raider, the Slam Kit has proven to be wildly popular among Raider riders worldwide.  Combining a pair of lowering "dog bones" with a heavy duty rear spring, it lowers the rear of the Raider approximately 1 3/4".

Slam Kit for Yamaha Raider - BA-8550KT

The kit includes BA-8525R Heavy Duty Spring and BA-750022 Lowering Kit


Shorty Kickstand for Yamaha Raider, Roadliner & Stratoliner - BA-8521-00

Baron listened to our Raider owners and created a Shorty Kickstand that provides additional lean angle for lowered bikes, or those with adjustable air-ride systems. Directly replaces stock kickstand using existing bolt and spring. In the up position the kickstand end rests against the rubber stopper. Unhindered toe access for easy flip down.

Pacific Coast Star - provides a simple lowering kit requiring the installation of a couple of "dog bones" which lowers the rear end of the Raider about 1 3/4" from stock.  According the PCS, the kit does not alter the stock spring rate.

Progressive Suspension - when it comes to motorcycle suspension, few companies carry the clout or demand the respect of Progressive.  Known throughout the industry, Progressive has introduced their 465 Series of high pressure gas mono-shocks for the rear suspension on the Raider, and their Drop-In® Front Lowering System for the Raider forks.  Progressive Suspension is proud of their Made in U.S.A Heritage.

Drop-In Front Fork Lowering System

Drop-In Front Fork Lowering System

Progressive Suspension Drop-In™ Front Fork Lowering System have transformed a once messy, and time consuming install into a 30 minute cake walk. Pull up to two inches out of the front end of your Raider. No hassle of disassembling the forks or even changing out the oil.  Entire process can be done with basic tools.

The 465 Series Standard for the Raider comes with an easy-to-use 5-position adjuster for pre-load, and comes in both stock and 1 Inch Lower ride heights.  The new 465 Series Shock Standard with HRH equipped version of the 465 adds an adjuster which allows adjustment of the ride height without tools.  It's important to note with a quick visit to the Star/Yamaha website that both the stock and 1" lower versions of the 465 Series are now available as an OEM accessory for the Raider.

465 Series Shock Standard - Yamaha Raider 08 and newer

465 Series Shock Std - Yamaha Raider

The 465 Series represents state of the art high pressure gas monotube shock design.

465 Series Shock 1 inch Lower - Yamaha Raider 08 and newer

465 Series Shock 1 inch Lower - Yamaha Raider

465 Series Shock Standard with HRH - Yamaha Raider 08 and newer

465 Series Shock Standard with HRH - Yamaha Raider

Progressive Suspension has added a Hydraulic Ride Height adjuster to their 465 Series line of high performance monoshocks.

465 Series Shock 1 inch Lower with HRH - Yamaha Raider 08 and newer

465 Series Shock 1 inch Lower with HRH - Yamaha Raider


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Home   Care and Cleaning Products

S100 - unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, if you own a motorcycle, you've heard of S100 Cycle Care products.  Their complete lines of cleaners, detailers, waxes and polishes have a sterling reputation for making your ride shine in the least amount of time possible.  Endorsed and reviewed by both major manufacturers and magazines, S100 products help you spend less time cleaning and more time riding.

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner 1 L Spray Bottle Kit

In our experience, the best bike cleaner available.  For all the hard surfaces on your bike, spray-on, rinse-off...Done.

S100 Detail and Wax 10 oz. Aerosol

S100 Detail & Wax is a true one step care system formulated exclusively for motorcycles. Its spray formula easily removes road soils, rain film, and other contaminants; and a double wax formula of carnauba and beeswax makes rain dance off the finish.

S100 Wheel Cleaner

The easiest and fastest way to get your wheels as clean as the rest of your bike.  Spray on formula with up to 50% more cleaning power.  Removes brake dust and road soils. Spray-on, then hose off.

S100 Motorcycle Cleaning Gift Set

Many, many years ago, this gift set was our first exposure to S100, and we've been fans ever since.  The ideal way to get acquainted with S100 Motorcycle Cleaning Products.  No matter what your bike needs, there's an S100 product to do it perfectly, and in record time. 1 x S100 500 mil. Total Cycle Cleaner; 1 x S100 Drying Towel; 1 x S100 Finish Restorer; 1 x S100 Corrosion Protectant; 1 x S100 Detail & Wax; 1 x Yellow Sponge; all packed in a plastic carry case organizer.


Home   Decals

Do It Yourself Lettering - a small, web-based business out of Lake City Florida, DIY Lettering offers an easy-to-use website with tools that allow you to design your own graphics and logos which they then manufacture into high-quality vinyl lettering.  Not limited to pre-designed logos, users can enter whatever text they want in a variety of fonts, options and sizes, from a couple of inches wide to banner-size decals.  Production is immediate, and shipping is fast.  We used them on the engine covers on our Raider (shown here) and found it to be an excellent alternative if you don't have the cash or time to do custom painted lettering on your bike.