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Warning: Educational Content All kidding aside, the first two items that I want to post are informative, somewhat scientific, non-Raider specific articles on motorcycle engine performance and modifications.  Before you go out and buy those perfectly straight-through, baffle-free, custom pipes, you owe it to yourself, your wallet, and your bike to read these.


This first article I found online a couple of years ago when researching pipes.  I truly believe in giving credit where credit is due, unfortunately, I do not know who the author is, and he signs himself only as E.T.Bumpous III.  While centered around Harley performance, the points raised here apply to all V-Twins, and is really enlightening.

bullet Item number two is another web find, credited to a writer named Chris BeHanna, who gives an educated dissertation on pipe physics.  Another reason to buy an exhaust from the reputable company.

www.Motorcycle.com says "The Raider's bone-crushing 113ci mill can push the Vegas Jackpot's 100ci engine around like a schoolyard bully extorting lunch money, and it all but bitch-slaps the Rocker C's 96ci lump."    Just in case you weren't sure if you bought the right bike, read this very flattering comparison of three mainstream factory customs.

CycleWorld Magazine - The March 2008 issue has another flattering Raider v Rocker comparison.

www.SmartCycleShopper.com - "The new Raider been built to look like a custom motorcycle, but it has also been built to perform".  This is a good overall review of the bike, especially for those undecided riders still in the market for an awesome new motorcycle.

"Chunk this puppy into gear, release the clutch and it leaps forward readily, a function of its monster torque" Rider Magazine has some really nice things to say about our favorite motorcycle.

Pick up the May 2008 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - their cover story pits the Raider against that certain other bike and states in no uncertain terms "In every objective, measurable area of performance it is plainly, demonstrably superior.  It's just that simple".

You gotta love this:  The Robb Report says "Blasting down the highway, the Raider is unflinchingly solid. The responsive engine and rowdy exhaust note tend to encourage uncivil behavior from the right wrist".  No Kidding.  Hat-tip to forum member Red_Raider for the link.