Bragging Rights

2008 Metric Cruiser of the Year, 9th Annual V-Twin Expo, Cincinnati, OH

2008 Best in Class (Cruiser), Rider Magazine

2008 Best Cruiser, Cycle World's 10 Best, Cycle World Magazine

OK, look, we here at RaiderPerformace.com have owned several different makes and models of bikes, and honestly, we love each and every one of them.  We do not condone bike bashing in any way.  We have enough trouble getting respect from those who don't ride.

That being said, it's not "bashing" if it's an objective statement of facts, right?

Well, here is some independent research that demonstrates how the Raider stacks up against the competition (all bikes stock).

Performance is effected by so many variables.  HP and Torque alone don't tell the whole story.  The 1/4 mile is where the truth is distilled.

Bike 1/4 mile E.T.
Yamaha Star Raider 12.09*
Suzuki M109R 12.08**
HD Rocker 13.30*
HD Night Rod Special 12.47**
Honda VTX1800F 12.90**
Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic 13.30**
Victory Hammer S 13.17**
Yamaha Star Warrior 13.01**

*CycleWorld, March 2008

**Popular Mechanics, May 2007