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Stage 1 Fender Chop

We did this simple mod to move the license plate up about 5", remove the red reflectors and a whole bunch of extra plastic from the rear of the bike, and expose more of the rear view.

The next step for us is going to be the use of a side-mount plate, along with Performance Edge's Tail-light integrated turn signals, which will remove the rest of the bracket and turn signal stalks completely.  However, if you want to keep your turn signals and license plate in the stock location, this procedure will work perfectly.

Part of this surgery involved the removal of the stock license plate illumination, so we installed a black license plate frame with integrated LED illumination from Custom Dynamics.

This whole modification took about 45 minutes, and costs less than $60.

Step 1 - we're going to be trimming the stock mounting bracket, so mark off the width of your plate.  We used a bit of electrical tape.

Step 2 - The plate light and reflector are held on from behind by two bolts.  Simple remove the bolts, and the light comes off clean.  Cut the wires right at the light assembly.  You'll notice two pairs of blue and black wires.  We'll only use one pair - 1 blue, 1 black.

Step 3 - Time to cut.  Using a Dremel tool or other metal cutting wheel, trim the metal license bracket to the width you measured in step one.  Using the bracket as a guide, use the same tool to trim the extra plastic from the bottom of the assembly, and the plastic mounting area for the stock plate light.  Smooth out the rough edges in the metal bracket, as well as the areas where you trimmed plastic.  All of this area will be hidden by the plate anyway.

Step 4 - Connect the wires from the LED License Frame to the pair of wires from the stock light.  The other pair of stock wires won't be used, so tape them off with electrical tape.

Step 5 - The rest is easy - install your license plate and the new frame onto the stock brackets, the only difference being that you'll use the bottom holes on your plate, so that it sits above the bracket.  Tuck the wiring behind the plate, protect it with some electrical tape, and that's it.