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Stage 2 Fender Chop

This modification takes up where our Stage 1 Fender Chop leaves off, completely removing the license plate bracket and stalk turn signals from the rear of the bike, cleaning up the fender, and completely exposing the rear tire.

For this modification, we Performance Edge's Side Mount Plate and Integrated Tail Light/Turn Signal Assembly.  We also use the same Custom Dynamics LED plate frame that we used from Stage 1.

This entire modification, while more complicated than Stage 1, is still relatively easy, and can be done in less than 2 hours, for around $300 total.

Installing the Side Mount Plate

Remove the 2 large hex head bolts directly above and below the swingarm pivot axle on the left side of the bike






Place the Side Mount Bracket in place, lining up the holes with the holes in the Frame.

Apply Blue Loctite to the bolts and insert them back into holes in the frame.  Tighten firmly by hand, but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Your license plate and the LED frame can now be attached to the bracket.  We mounted the the frame in such a way that the LED shine towards the bike and illuminate the swingarm at night.

The wire for the light is threaded between the plate and the bracket towards the inside of the bike

Wiring the LED License Plate Frame

Once the plate frame in mounted, thread the wire up up between the bolts that hold the passenger peg to the frame, then directly forward between the side panel, and up into the frame under the seat






In this photo, the seat has been removed, and the front of the bike is to the left.  The left fender strut is at the bottom of the picture.

The wire from the Plate Frame comes up from between the frame and side panel, up over the frame cross-member, and then (to the right) under the leading edge of the rear fender





Run the wire in between the Fender and the sub-fender towards the back of the bike.  This photo shows the stock connector (yellow) from the the license plate light lead, which we removed and connected to the wires from the LED frame.





Installing the Integrated Tail Light Assembly

The stock Tail Light is held in place by two 10mm bolts and two 10mm nuts.  Indicated here are the bolt and nut on the inner left side of the rear fender.







With the nuts and bolts removed, the entire assembly, including the tail light, turns signals and stock license bracket can be pulled down and off the rear fender, exposing the connectors to the stock wiring harness.

The Tail Light assembly is attached to the black plastic fender with three screws.  Remove the Tail light from the plastic assembly.





With the stock assembly removed, note the leads for:

-Tail Light (large white)

-Left Turn Signal (small gray)

-Right Turn Signal (small black)

-License Plate Light (yellow)





This photo shows:

-Tail Light (left, white connector only)

-Performance Edge Integrated assebly (right, white connector for Tail light, additional leads for turn signals).

-Note that the turn signals share a common ground, so only one black wire is required

-Note the load equalizer connected to the signal leads.  This assures that the stock blink rate is maintained







Clip the stock connectors off the turn signals that you removed with the rest of the assembly, and connect them to the leads on the new Tail Light.  As previously mentioned, the signals share a common ground, so connect the black ground wire to one connector only.






Remove the plastic chrome bezel from the stock Tail Light.  In order to make room for the additional wiring and load equalizer, you will have to trim from plastic from the top of the bezel (using a Dremel or similar tool with a cutting wheel will make the job easy).






Using the new Tail Light as a guide, the stock plastic fender assembly can now be trimmed to match the lines of the light.  While it is still necessary to leave the top intact to provide attachment points for the light, bezel and rear fender, the entire bottom, including the stock turn signals can be cut off.

Check Your Wiring - before mounting the assembly back on the bike, connect all the leads and check for correct operation of the tail, brake, turn signals and license plate illumination.

Once trimmed, the light and bezel can be attached to the plastic sub-assembly, the wiring reconnected, and the entire assembly mounted back under the fender.