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Lowering Kit Installation

Crossed Coil Wires

Belt Adjustment

Tank Sticker Removal

Engine Clean-up

Cobra FI2000R Install

Stage 1 Rear Fender Clean-up

Performance Edge Tail Light and Side Mount License Plate

Blacked-Out Belt Guard

Exhaust Installation




Maintenance and Modification How-To's

On this page we'll continually gather as much information as possible regarding maintenance (mechanical and appearance, routine and otherwise) of our specific bike - specifications, part numbers, articles, suggestions, etc..., as well as parts installation, and other custom modifications that Raider Owners have submitted.

If you have any experience with a particular maintenance or modification issue, please let us know about it - post it in the forum or send us an email.  Manuals can only tell us so much, there's no substitute for experience in the field.

Important Part Numbers and Other Specs

NOTE: Where available for sale, description and/or part number are a highlighted link.  If you don't see what you need, send us an email, and we'll find it for you.

Seat Height

bulletStock - 27.4"

Handlebar Measurements - approximate based on rotation of stock bars in the riser clamps.  Measurements taken while bike is level and front wheel straight, taken at the ends of the bars including grips.

bulletRise (Height) - 4.0" vertical from the top of the triple clamp to the ends of the bars.
bulletPullback - 10.5" horizontal from the riser bolt at the triple clamp to the ends of the bars
bulletWidth - 32" (w/out grips)

Drive Belt Slack/Deflection - measured with standard 10lb. tension gauge

bulletOn side stand - 7.5mm - 13mm
bulletOn lift with rear wheel off ground - 14mm - 23mm

Oil Filter

bulletBig Bike Parts - 2-1/2 inch Oil Filter 5-108 - Yamaha
bulletYamaha - FV-13440-10.
bulletK&N  - KN-303 Powersports Oil Filter - Select Black or Chrome
bulletBosch - 3300
bulletNapa Gold - 1358
bulletPurolator - ML16817
bulletFRAM - 6017A
bulletEmgo - 10-82230 (Black) Oil Filter Black - Yamaha Models
bulletEmgo - 10-82220 (Chrome) Oil Filter Chrome - Yamaha Models

Spark Plugs - Your Raider comes from the factory with NGK Plugs

bulletNGK NGK DPR8EA-9
bulletNGK Iridium NGK DPR8EIX-9

Air Filters

bulletYamaha - P/N 1D7-14461
bulletK&N - P/N YA-1906 High Flow Replacement Air Filter for Raider
bulletBike Master High-Flow Air Filter - 1900 Raider


bulletFront - Metzeler ME880 XL - ME 880 Marathon 120/70-21
bulletRear - Metzeler ME880 XL - ME 880 Marathon 210/40-18


bulletBarnett - Clutch Plate Kit, Kevlar - 306-90-10075

Color-Rite Color Codes - factory OEM paint colors from Color-Rite.comNote: Candy Red on Standard Raider and Raider S requires Base and Top coats.  Tommy Blue and Raven require Top coat only.

Factory Color


Paint Name Notes Color-Rite Top Color-Rite Base
0918 Deep Red Metallic K Standard & S models 5253 1253
0549 Purplish Blue Met. 7 S model '08 5640  
0903 Black Metallic X Standard & S models 5245  
1090 Purplish Blue Met. X S model '10 5819  
0791 Silver #3 Standard model 5175-2  
0582 Matte Black Metallic #2 Frame Color - all models 5988-1  
0895 Silver #8 S Wheel 5265  
0033 Yamaha Black Standard Wheel 5135  


    Lowering Kit Installation

This excellent video comes to us courtesy of our friends over at LA Choppers.  Their tech Chucky demonstrates how to install a Barons Accessories Slam Kit including lowering bones and spring.  His instructions can also be applied to the lowering bones only, as well as many other rear suspension mods.


    Crossed Coil Wires

There have been several reports, through our forum as well as others, that some 2008 Raiders were delivered with crossed coil wires, primarily on the right side of the bike.  Located on the Raider behind the false air-cleaner covers on both sides of the engine, the coils generate the voltage that fires the spark plugs, of which there are 2 for each cylinder.  While long term or permanent engine damage is not likely with the coil wires crossed, one of the two plugs would not fire at the correct time, possibly leading to rough idling and decreased engine performance, particularly noticeable at lower engine speeds.  If you notice any engine performance issues that cannot be otherwise explained, it's easy to check out if this condition exists, and is worth a look.  IMPORTANT - remember that ignition coils generate potentially dangerous levels of voltage.  If you are not familiar with their operation, get the assistance of a qualified technician, or even better, take your bike to your dealer and have them repair the situation under warrantee.  If you find this condition exists on your bike, notify your dealer so that they can report the problem to Yamaha.

With the right-side coil cover removed (2 Allen screws), observe the two coils on the right side of the motor.

CORRECT - The coil on the left generates voltage for the rear cylinder (#1), and is fed with an Orange wire.  The coil on the right is for the front cylinder (#2) and is connected to a Green/Red wire.  Note the white ring labeled "2" around the front coil wire.

Photo courtesy of forum member Coyote





WRONG - Note how the Green/Red wire labeled "2" is connected to the left-hand coil for cylinder #1.

Photo courtesy of forum member Raider113








    Adjusting Your Drive Belt Slack

Yamaha recommends that you check your drive belt slack every 2500 miles, and adjust as necessary.  This important routine maintenance item is new to any rider that has never owned a belt driven bike before, and while it initially appears complicated, is actually quite simple.

Our videos demonstrate exactly how to approach measuring and adjusting your Raider's drive belt.

Part I: Measuring

Part II: Adjusting


Removal of Tank Stickers/Decals

OK, I'm putting this is the maintenance section 'cause I wasn't quite sure where else to put it, plus we can chalk it up to an appearance issue.  The Raider is a custom inspired motorcycle, the appearance and style of which Star clearly put a lot of thought into.  After all that work, they still had to apply those warning stickers on the tank that tell us to wear our helmets and goggles and put in premium fuel (good advice, all of it - but we already knew this).  These decals are a jagged scar on the face of a supermodel.  Your dealer is not allowed to remove them, but that doesn't mean you can't.  After consulting the forum and doing a little searching, the general consensus is a hair dryer, WD-40 and a little patience will do the trick.

From Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine, this article sums it up perfectly, and provides some photos as well.


    Engine Clean-up

This modification comes courtesy of Forum Member Sleepercell (aka Ryan from Idaho), and shows how to remove the side covers from the Raider Engine, following installation of a Patrick Racing Big Air Kit, completely showing-off the entire left and right side of the motor. (link has been dead for some time).  Basically, once the Big Air or similar kit is installed, the stock airbox is removed, and the ignition coils and other plumbing behind the side covers can be relocated to the space left under the gas tank.


    Cobra FI2000R PowerPro Install

In anticipation of our soon-to-arrive Freedom Performance SCR exhaust system, we installed the Cobra FI2000R PowerPro CVT fuel injection module.  Click here for our step-by-step instructions and photos.

    Stage 1 Rear Fender Clean-Up

We designed this simple modification for those Raider owners who wanted to free up the view of the rear tire by getting rid of some of the extra plastic on the fender, while keeping an illuminated license plate on the back of the bike, and retaining the stock turn signals.



Performance Edge Integrated Tail Light and Side Mount License Plate

In our Stage 2 Rear Fender Clean-up, we completely remove the stock license plate bracket and turn signals, and install a Performance Edge Integrated Tail Light and Side Mount License Plate.  The turn signals are completely integrated into the tail light assembly.  Also posted on the Our Bike page, complete details can be found here.

    Blacking Out the Upper Belt Guard

If you aren't happy with the plain metal upper belt guard, aren't interested in adding more chrome to your Raider (especially you Raven owners out there), and don't have access to a powder coater, it's a real simple proposition to paint it to match the swingarm and engine cases - first suggested in our forums by BusaJack (John from Cheyenne, WY).

After removing the guard from the bike (two Allen screws), we primed it with one coat of Rust-oleum metal primer, followed by four coats of Rust-oleum Textured Flat Black spray paint.

While certainly not as durable as powder-coating, multiple coats of the paint followed by adequate drying time (48 hours) will lead to a decent finish that's very easy to patch up if necessary.

    Exhaust Installation - Helpful Hints

These tips come to us courtesy of forum member Geezy, who shared his experiences after installing the Cobra Dragsters in his Raider.  While his post referred to the Dragsters specifically, his advice can be applied to the installation of most aftermarket systems:

bulletWhen doing most motor work, I would highly suggest disconnecting the battery.  Since I was doing exhaust didn't think it would be an issue, unless you ground out the O2 as you disconnect it and blow a fuse like I did.  Disconnecting the battery will avoid this.
bulletDrop or remove right side driver foot peg for additional clearance when removing the pipe.
bulletRemove the cover by passenger foot peg as not to scratch it - one bolt, very easy.
bulletThe O2 sensor wire is long enough you just need to reroute it for the shortest distance possible and yes, it's very tight on the wire when connecting.
bulletThe cables (from the EXUP valve - ed.) they want you to remove from the pipes will be coming off and will not be used again.
bulletMake sure to reconnect all electrical fittings (only 2 under seat) - they only mention the O2 sensor wire in the instructions.
bulletYou might want to lay some adhesive tape on the frame and near chrome parts close to pipe as not to scratch anything.
bulletTwo days later, I noticed my brake light was not coming on - actually, the light was staying on.  When you lower or drop the right-side foot peg, watch the wire to the brake sensor.  If it hangs like I let mine, it bends the light aluminum bracket.  No damage, just had to bend it back a little to give the spring the correct distance needed to let the switch go back in.
    Kent's Raider Mods

Raider owner Kent (AKA "oops" on our Forum) is one of those bike enthusiasts who likes to explore the limits of "do-it-yourself" motorcycle modification.  Not one to hand the wrench off to someone else, he's designed and fabricated a SuperTrapp-based 2-into-1 exhaust system, front and rear fenders and other performance- and appearance-enhancing changes to his Raider.