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The Raider Marketplace

Keep watching this page for latest updates in unique parts, accessories and other items for the Raider direct from Raider Performance.  Stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding the products on this page, drop us a line and let us know.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Orders for custom parts (fenders, exhausts, etc.) shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the U.S. will incur additional shipping and handling charges not listed here.

All Parts and Accessories are warranted by their respective manufacturers.

Returns: in most cases, returns are accepted within 30 days for defective or damaged merchandise only.

Raider Performance is a Factory Authorized Dealer for the manufacturers represented here, and is able to offer these special prices directly to Raider (and other bike) owners and riders. No Dealers Please.

Freedom Performance Complete Custom Exhaust Systems

Raider Performance is proud to be an authorized dealer for Freedom Performance Exhaust.  Known to the Harley-Davidson community for years, Freedom Performance has taken their superior exhaust technology and quality construction & materials and applied them to a line of systems for the Raider.  All FP exhausts are manufactured in the USA, and feature massive 2.5", 16-gauge steel, one-piece heat shields (no seams), removable baffles, stainless steel hardware and brackets, and O2 sensor bungs where required.  Chrome is beautiful show quality, and most systems are also available in black ceramic.  Warranted by Freedom Performance.  Full descriptions and prices below the photo gallery.  Shipping to the 48 continental United States is a flat $35.00.

We carry the complete line of Freedom Performance exhaust systems for Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Indian, Harley-Davidson and Victory models.  If you don't see what you want here, drop us a line.

IMPORTANT - due to restrictions enacted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), we are required to let our California customers know Freedom Performance pipes are intended for "Race Applications Only".  Email for details.

NOTE: Due to extraordinary demand, and depending on the season and stock at the factory, it can take 4-8 weeks for your order to ship.  Pipes that are in stock ship within 1-2 days of your order.  Be sure to note the Stock Status for the pipes you are ordering.  Like all the best things in life, they are worth the wait.

By clicking on the Buy Now button, you confirm that you have read, acknowledge and understand the Stock Status


Sharp Curve Radius

Freedom Performance Sharp Curve Radius - the pipe that Raider enthusiasts have been asking for from the very beginning.  A 2-into-2 curved system, equal-length, ending at the rear wheel.  Allows full access to the rear axle adjuster nut.  3-step headers for maximum exhaust scavenging and flow (ideal for big V-Twins) and FP's stunning chrome.  The tips of the pipes are a work of art in themselves.  Featured on October 2011's Cover Bike Optional Quiet Baffle Mufflers can be ordered at the same time as the entire system, or installed at a later date - specify when ordering below.

IMPORTANT NOTES: a.) Due to the shape of the SCR, the baffles are welded in place.  They can be removed, but it's not the easiest job, and we recommend leaving them in place for optimum performance.  b.) The optional Quiet Baffle is likewise welded into the muffler section, and as such requires purchase of the rear section of the system, which increases the cost.  c.) on the 2008-09 Raiders, the stock O2 sensor wire can be re-routed in order to reach the sensor bung on the SCR.  On 2010 and newer Raiders, the sensor wire is shorter, so an extra length of wire will have to be spliced in during installation.

Manufacturer's Retail - $799.99

Optional Quiet Baffle muffler section - list $209.99


Stock Status - Email up for up-to-date availability.


Finish and Baffles

Freedom Performance Combat 2-into-1 - While the Sharp Curve Radius offers outrageous performance in its own right, the Combat 2-into-1 will bring it to the next level.  Enthusiasts, builders and tuners alike all know that a true 2-into-1 exhaust system is the best way to maximize performance from your V-twin power plant, and the Combat 2-into-1 is designed and engineered to deliver.  Featuring the same triple-stepped header as the SCR for maximum scavenging, the the Combat offers a true merge collector and megaphone muffler which includes Freedom Performance's unique 2-step baffle for optimal anti-reversion and amazing deep, throaty sound.  Style is pure performance.  Based on the American Outlaw series for American bikes, the Combat's unique endcap design sets it apart from the Outlaw, and is available in all Chrome, Chrome w/Black Endcap, or all Black Ceramic. (prototype photos show the Outlaw endcap.  See detail of the Combat endcap in the gallery above).

Manufacturer's Retail - $799.99 - $849.99

Stock Status - Email us for up-to-date availability, shipping times, or any questions.


Finish and Options

Raider Performance is a Low and Mean Premier Dealer, and carries the complete line of Low and Mean parts for all of your Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda metric motorcycles.  If you're looking for something specific, drop us a line

The Low and Mean Chin Spoiler

From the motorcycle stylists at Low and Mean comes our first chin spoiler/lower fairing for the Raider.  With strong fiberglass construction, it compliments the aggressive chopper intent of the bike, with the added benefit of protecting the oil filter from any debris kicked up from the road.  Comes in a gel-coat semi-gloss black finish ready to primer and paint as desired or installed directly as is (especially for you Raven guys & girls).  Comes with stainless steel hardware and all instructions. 

NEW - In addition to the gel-coat black, we now offer the spoiler factory painted and color-matched for the Tommy Blue, Candy Red, Liquid Silver and Raven Black Raiders as well, at an additional cost.

IMPORTANT - due to overwhelming demand and the high-quality finishing process for the color-matched products, please allow 4-5 weeks for your item to ship.  Color-matched parts are not returnable.



We are excited and proud to be the first to introduce and bring this part to the Raider community.

An optional Honeycomb Screen is also available, as show in the last photo above.


Low and Mean Retail - 225 + shipping

Color-matched Blue, Red, Black or Silver - $425 + shipping



- Black, semi-gloss gel-coat - $215.00 + S&H


- Factory Color-matched (specify when ordering)- $415.00 + S&H


Finish and Options
Specify Color - REQUIRED for color matching


If you have any problems or questions when ordering, please contact us directly here

Low and Mean Front Fenders

Complimenting their Chin Spoiler, we are proud to introduce the new Reaper front fender from Low and Mean.  Engineered to bolt directly to the Raider's forks with no modifications, the Reaper is constructed from the same strong fiberglass as our Chin Spoiler.


More pictures coming soon...

Available in semi-gloss gel-coat, ready for prep and paint, or color-matched in a show-quality finish (at additional cost) in all the Raider factory colors including Candy Red, Tommy Blue, Raven Black and 09 Liquid Silver.  Includes all hardware needed for installation and instructions.

IMPORTANT - due to overwhelming demand and the high-quality finishing process for the color-matched products, please allow 4-5 weeks for your item to ship.  Color-matched parts are not returnable.

NEW - You spoke, we heard you!  The Reaper fender is now available in a Long Version for those Raider owners that want a little more coverage.  Offering the same basic design as the original Reaper, the new Long is 2.5" in the front, covering the top of the tire.

Available in the same black gel-coat or factory matched colors as the original Reaper, the Reaper Long can be ordered below.

Reaper Fender - Original Standard Length


Low and Mean Retail - 215 + shipping

Color-matched Blue, Red, Black or Silver - $540 + shipping

RaiderPerformance - Black, semi-gloss gel-coat - $205.00 + S&H
  - Color-matched Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Dark Blue - $530.00 + S&H


Reaper Fender - Long

Low and Mean Retail - 220 + shipping

Color-matched Blue, Red, Black or Silver - $545 + shipping

RaiderPerformance - Black, semi-gloss gel-coat - $210.00 + S&H
  - Color-matched Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Dark Blue - $535.00 + S&H



Shorty Front Fender

The newest fender from Low and Mean takes coverage in the opposite direction than the Reapers.  Constructed from the same superior-quality fiberglass construction as their other products, the Shorty bares more of the tire for a more chopped-down, sport-oriented look, while still offering protection from road debris.

Available in ready-to-paint semi-gloss gel coat, and Factory Raven, Candy Red, Tommy Blue and Liquid Silver.  For other colors, give us a call.  As always, the Shorty is engineered to bolt directly to your forks with no modifications, and includes all hardware and instructions required for installation.

Shorty Front Fender

Low and Mean Retail - 175 + shipping

Color-matched Blue, Red, Black or Silver - $400 + shipping

RaiderPerformance - Black, semi-gloss gel-coat - $165.00 + S&H
  - Color-matched Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Dark Blue - $390.00 + S&H

Specify Color - REQUIRED for c


Low and Mean Rear Fender

Also manufactured from the same quality fiberglass construction as the Reaper Front Fenders, the Low and mean Rear fender continues the Reaper theme at the back of your Raider.

Of course, it's available in the same factory colors as other Low and Mean products, as well as semi-gloss gel-coat, ready for your custom paint.

Rear Fender

Low and Mean Retail - 375 + shipping

Color-matched Blue, Red, Black or Silver - $775 + shipping

RaiderPerformance - Black, semi-gloss gel-coat - $365.00 + S&H
  - Color-matched Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Dark Blue - $765.00 + S&H

Specify Color - REQUIRED

Low and Mean Custom Seat Pan

We're really excited to bring this item to the Raider Community.  The Low and Mean seat pan is geared towards those Raider owners looking to customize their ride in a way that truly sets them apart.

The Low and Mean Seat Pan provides a base that is 1.5" lower than the stock seat (as shown in the last photo below).  While the stock seat overlaps the frame on either side, the L&M's frame-hugging design follows the contours of the Raider's frame, leading to a seat that becomes part of the bike, instead of just sitting on top of the frame (notice the fit around the fender struts). A real custom project, you add your own seat foam and/or gel, upholstery, stitching, etc (not included).  The possibilities are literally endless.

Available in both Spike and Rounded profiles, the pan is constructed from Low and Mean's now-famous high-strength fiberglass.  You will need to use the front latch from your stock seat pan.  Because of the ultra-low profile, the stock hardware is removed from your rear fender - the rear of the seat is held in place with industrial hook-and-loop fasteners.


Spike Pan Profile


Cycle House Shifter Linkage

These quality machined, lustrously chromed shifter linkage rods add a subtle but tough, industrial visual statement to the left side of your Raider's engine.  One of the simplest accessories to add to your Raider, installation takes 5 minutes and a 12mm open-end wrench.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Cycle House and distributed exclusively by Direct Line Parts, these shifter linkages come in the two styles shown below - Slotted and Round Holes - and coordinate with Cycle House's soon-to-be-released clutch & brake levers and kickstands.

Both styles are available for $79.00 each and include Free Shipping from Direct Line Parts here under the Cycle House brand.

Raw Design Reaper Exhaust Tips

This exhaust option has been generating an incredible amount of interest in the Raider Community.  Designed to add serious style and incredible sound, while keeping all the important stock exhaust components in place and removing 13 lbs. of dead weight from your Raider.

Our complete review is here, with video sound clips here and here.  Installation takes from one to two hours, and requires minor welding which can be performed by your local muffler shop in a matter of minutes.  As shown in the photo (below, right) tips can be rotated during installation to match your personal style preferences.

Reaper Tips are shipped directly from the manufacturer.  If you would like to check availability and ship times before placing your order, please email us, and we'll let you know.

Raw Design Reaper Tips - $185.00 + S&H

Currently out of Stock.

Unfortunately, the Raw Design Forward Controls and HydraMount Peg System have been discontinued.

The McCuff 

This ingenious little device was developed to alleviate the frustration of filling up a motorcycle gas tank.  Up until now, we've all done the same thing - attempt to fill the tank, squeezing the lever with one hand, pulling back on the nozzle boot with the other, while squinting to look into the filler hole to see how much fuel has gone in.  The McCuff stops this practice now and for all time.  Working with all types of fuel pump nozzles, the McCuff allows you to top off your motorcycle tank the same way you do your car - squeeze the lever (one hand), wait until it clicks, and you're done.  No need to look into the tank, no spilled fuel.  The added benefit is that it allows you to get the most gas into your tank, so you get more miles between fill-ups.  Small enough to carry on your bike all the time, includes its own carry bag, and just plain works.

The McCuff company was featured on the August 21, 2008 Episode of American Chopper.  Their Custom theme bike, featuring the S&S X-Wedge and a Baker Dual-drive system was unveiled at the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration.

The McCuff is available directly from the manufacturer for $19.95 and can be purchased here.