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Installing the Cobra FI2000R PowerPro Tuner

Besides the obvious advantages that come with Cobra's map- and adjustment-free Constantly Variable Tuning, the FI2000R PowerPro is a literal snap to install.  Installation took us less than 45 minutes, most of which was spent removing covers and then locating and unplugging the stock connectors.

Step 1 - Remove the seat and the right-side false "air-cleaner" cover, exposing the coil pack.



Step 2

The FI2000R has two wiring harnesses, one with a six-pin plug and connector, and one with a four-pin plug and connector.  Run the cable with the 6-pin set under the front seat bracket (red arrow), and up towards the fuel tank.








Step 3

Cobra's instructions say to remove the two nuts from the fuel tank bracket and run the harness under the tank.  We found it easier and less likely to pinch the wire to simply loop it under the lower end of the fuel tank.  Run the harness along the frame under the right-side of the tank, then down through the opening in the coil bracket.  Use the rear cylinder spark plug wire as a guide.






Step 4

a.) Locate the large white 6-pin connector behind the coils and disconnect the stock plug from the connector. b.) plug the PowerPro's 6-pin plug into the stock connector, and then the stock 6-pin plug into the PowerPro's connector.  Re-attach the side-cover.







Steps 5 and 6

Step 5.) The hardest part here is accessing the connectors.  Locate the stock fuse-box (center of photo) and move it out of the way by releasing the metal clip and lifting up on the box.  The Oxygen Sensor connector is located directly to the rear and below the fuse box (red arrow).  It's a tough reach, but disconnect the O2 sensor plug from the connector, and connect the PowerPro's 4-pin plug and connector to their corresponding O2 Sensor connectors.

Step 6.) locate the heavy black ground wire where it connects behind the oil-fill (red circle).  Remove the 5mm Allen screw, connect the thin black ground wire from the PowerPro to the screw and reconnect the ground.


Step 7

Double-check all connections and place the PowerPro on top of the ECU.  To test, turn on the ignition switch but don't start the bike.  The red light on top of the PowerPro should blink a few times and then go out.  Make sure the bike's in neutral, and start it up.  The red light on top of the unit should glow red to indicate proper operation.  If everything's OK, use the supplied Velcro tab to fasten the PowerPro in place.  Put your seat back on and go for a ride!