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The choice to change the seat on any bike is a very personal, not to mention important, decision.  Being the place where you spend all of your time when riding your Raider, it literally provides the body-to-bike interface that determines both how comfortable and how long your ride will be.  The seat you select has a direct effect on your riding position which in turn effects how well you are able to control your Raider.  Obviously, if you plan on riding two-up, the comfort of your passenger is also a factor.

When looking for seat, consider style, materials, seating position (does it move you up/down and/or fore/aft), width of the seating area (rider and passenger), compatibility with a backrest and hardware.  Some saddles include hardware, while others require use of the latches from the stock seat.

Mustang - In business for over 20 years, with a well-deserved reputation for quality and comfort, Mustang Motorcycle Products has now introduced seats for the Raider.  With two basic designs - a one piece Day-Tripper and two piece Wide Touring Seat - Mustang offers accommodations for all types of riding situations and style considerations. 

In our experience, Mustang seats offer significant long-distance comfort advantages over the stock saddle, and their quality and customer service are excellent. It's important to note that, with their extensive focus on comfort, Mustang seat models are thicker than your stock Raider saddle, and will in most cases raise the seating position.  If you find their style matches what you're looking for with your Raider, they are definitely worth your consideration.

Day Tripper - Raider 08 and newer

Day Tripper

The Day Tripper was made to provide a low, lean look while still providing all day comfort.  Note that even with the low profile design, the Day Tripper is still thicker than stock and will raise your seating position.

Two-Piece Vintage Wide Touring Seats wDriver Backrest - Raider 08 and newer

Two-Piece Vintage (plain) Wide Touring Seat w/Driver Backrest

Sold as a complete three-piece set including solo removable driver backrest and matching passenger seat. The 16.5 inch wide driver bucket sits you at the ideal cruising angle and is one of several design improvements over the stock seat.  Note that while the backrest is removable, it will not fit the passenger seat.  Seating position is higher than stock

Also available w/out backrest, and with studs and conchos (available below)



Two-Piece Vintage Wide Touring Seat w/out backrest


Two-Piece Studded Wide Touring Seat w/Driver Backrest


Two-Piece Studded Wide Touring Seat w/out backrest

Low and Mean - For the truly creative Raider customizer, Low and Mean supplies a Custom Seat Pan.  Sitting a full 1.5" lower than the stock seat pan, and hugging the contours of the Raider's frame, the Low and Mean Pan allows you to add your own seat foam and upholstery for a genuine custom seat that you know no one else has.  The Low and Mean Seat Pan is available in our Marketplace here.




Corbin - On the short list of quality saddles, Corbin is an industry leader.  Corbin uses a more dense, firmer foam that offers more long-term comfort and support than softer pillow-top materials or gels, which tend to compress and break down after an hour or so.  Their catalog of colors and materials is extensive, and every seat is made to order.  Corbin offers alteration of any seat ordered to fit you and your bike, but expect to wait extra time, especially during their busy season.  Their range of saddles for the Raider covers long-distance 2-up riding (Dual Tour) to one-up bar-hopping (Hollywood Solo), and everything in between.  Our review and photos of their Dual Tour on our Raider is here.

Danny Gray - With a long-standing reputation in the custom V-twin marketplace, Danny Gray Handcrafted Motorcycle Seats are found on some of world's most famous custom bikes (not to mention TV), and has now started to introduce several seat models for the Raider (compatibility list here). Available in both solo and two-up models, Gray's seats are customizable with personalized stitching patterns, leather colors, seat gel, etc.  Separate passenger pillions are also available for some of the solo seat models. 

With a strong emphasis on custom choppers, Danny Gray seats are frame fitting, low riding saddles, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and style.  If you're looking for long-distance, touring comfort, each seat can be customized to your riding style and body type.

Sargent Cycle - These guys are the real veterans in the motorcycle seat business.  If you want a truly custom seat for your Raider, and do not want to invest in a pre-made aftermarket saddle, you owe it to yourself to contact Sargent.  Sargent will take your stock saddle (and passenger pillion, if desired) and alter to your specifications - make it lower/higher, move you forward/backward, add padding etc.  Their Custom Seat Services division even offers re-upholstering, reconditioning and foam alteration.  They are the only game in town when it comes to a genuinely unique, custom seating solution for your Raider.

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